Michael Gargiulo

Michael Gargiulo is an American prisoner who is accused of murder. He is suspected to have killed the fashion student named Ashley Ellerin. He was also titled Hollywood ripper for his inhuman acts.

Quick Facts: Michael Gargiulo

Name Michael Gargiulo
Birthday February 15, 1976
Age 44 years old
Gender Male
Height N/A
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Profession Serial Killer
Parents N/A
Married/Single Married
Wife Ana Luz Gonzalez
Children None
Instagram N/A

Michael is convicted of around 3 reported murder case. Also, he has around 3-10 cases filled on him. The lead cases are of 3 women. The 2 of them were sexually harassed and killed. However, a lucky woman survived the attack. 

Michael’s first victim is mentioned to be Tricia Pacaccio. She lived in the neighbourhood of Gargiulo. One night, Michael probably got her alone in the house and killed her with a knife. Her father called the cops in August 14, 1993, after seeing his daughter bloody corpse.

The murder attempted to kill Ashley Ellerin in February 21, 2001. He also attacked and successfully killed another neighbor. However, his deeds came to an end when Santa Monica fought him back. The murder’s blood was found in the scene in Santa’s case. The DNA matched Michael and he was busted.

10 Facts About Michael Gargiulo

  1. Michael is an American psychopath and serial killer. He is convicted of around 3-10 murder cases.
  2. He first attempted to kill the 18-year-old Tricia Pacaccio. He successfully finished her with his knife without any evidence against him.
  3. Later in 2002, a few similar cases were reported without evidence.
  4. He was busted after a teenage girl  Santa Monica survived the attack. She identified Michael and also his DNA matched.
  5. He was arrested in June 6, 2008.
  6. The court of around 3-4 states had a murder case against him.
  7. The supreme court passed the judgement to life imprisonment and the death sentence.
  8. However, If Garguilo is not proved guilty from all the courts. He would only be imprisoned for 25 years.
  9. Until March of 2020, the judgement has not yet been passed.
  10. Michael is professionally avoiding the judgement with defence motions.


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