Michael Mackin: What Does Belinda Owusu Partner Do For A Living?

Michael Mackin is now famous as Belinda Owusu’s partner, know everything about him including his job net worth.

Michael Mackin as we all know is in the news as Belinda Owusu announced pregnancy recently.

There is very little to tell about this mystery man as Owusu had kept her private life very away from the media.

Not until recently that Owusu announced her anniversary on her Instagram post with Michael and from that we can conclude Michael and Owusu are married.

For now, all we can say is he is Belinda Owusu’s partner, with who she is actually married for the last 11 years.

Michael Mackin Belinda Owusu Partner Job And Net Worth

Michael Mackin is very new to the media and it’s very hard to find out his net worth and job.

However, his wife is very popular among a lot of people, and she has a net worth of around $100,000-$1M.

As Michael Machin is her husband, we can certainly assume that he is also a rich man and has a good job and a reasonable salary.

And all we know for now is Michael is going to be a father soon as his wife is pregnant 40 weeks.

Michael Mackin Age And Height: How Old Tall?

Everything about Michael Mckin is a secret, yes, that also includes his age and height.

But, since Belinda Owusu is 32 years old and Michael and Belinda’s wedding took place 10 years ago, and as Michael looks young, we can assume he is somewhat around 30+ in age as well.

Quick Facts To Know

Michael Mackin and Belinda have been married for 11 years already.

Michael is going to be a father soon. Belinda is 40 months pregnant.

He seems to be interested in UFC as per his Instagram posts.

Quick Facts: Michael Mackin: What Does Belinda Owusu Partner Do For A Living?

Name Michael Mackin
Gender Male
Nationality American
Married/Single Married
Wife Belinda Owusu
Instagram @m.a.c.k.i.n


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