Michelle McSween: Meet Will Mellor Wife On Instagram

Michelle McSween is a dancer/actress mostly known for her chorus in De-Lovely, and as herself, in All-Star Mr. and Mrs. She is the wife of English actor and singer Will Mellor.

Her husband Will is famous for his television roles including Jambo Bolton in the British soap opera, Hollyoaks. Follow up-to know more about Michelle McSween as we let you meet Will Mellor’s wife on Instagram.

Quick Facts: Michelle McSween: Meet Will Mellor Wife On Instagram

Name Michelle McSween
Gender Female
Profession Dancer/Actress
Married/Single Married
Husband Will Mellor
Children Renee Mellor and Jayden Will Mellor
Instagram Michelle McSween-Mellor

10 Facts on Michelle McSween

  1. Michelle McSween is the wife of English actor and singer Will Mellor. They starred together in the stage musical Oh, What a Night in 1999 and later started dating.
  2. How old is Michelle McSween? Michelle McSween’s age seems to be around 30-35 years old. Her actual birthdate has not been revealed to the masses.
  3. Talking about her family, Michelle McSween has not revealed anything about her parents. She is married to her co-star from Oh, What a Night, Will Mellor since 2007.
  4. Together, Michelle McSween and Will Mellor have 2 children, son Jayden Will Mellor and daughter Renee Mellor now aged 17 and 13 years respectively.
  5. Unfortunately, any context regarding Michelle McSween’s early life and bio is unavailable yet.
  6. Michelle McSween does not have a Wikipedia page. However, we can find her husband, Will Mellor, on Wikipedia.
  7. We can meet Will Mellor’s wife, Michelle McSween, at ‘Michelle McSween-Mellor,’ with over 4k followers.
  8. Michelle McSween’s net worth is unknown; however, her husband, Will Mellor, has an estimated net worth of $8 million. It would be best to assume that she is a fortunate holder of her husband’s fortune so far.
  9. Michelle McSween’s filmography includes her chorus in the musical drama De-Lovely of 2004 and as herself in All-Star Mr. and Mrs. of 2008.
  10. Apart from acting, she is also a dancer, and it is her dancing profession where she met her husband, Will.


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