Midbeast is a popular Twitch streamer. Moreover, he is also a “League of Legends” player who plays in the team of “Team Liquid.” The Australian is pretty m such addicted to the game and he is very good at it. 

As a result, he has amassed thousands of followers worldwide on his social media accounts. He is one of the furious challengers on Twitch. His last gameplay video was “Plating high ELO challenger.” 

Quick Facts: Midbeast

Name Drew Timbs
Birthday April 22, 1995
Age 25 years
Gender Male
Nationality Australian
Ethnicity Australian
Profession Twitch Streamer
Instagram @drew__timbs
Twitter @midbeast
Youtube @midbeast

10 Facts on Midbeast

  1. Midbeast (born on April 22, 1995) is an Australian Twitch streamer and a League of Legends esports player. He currently streams for the team called “Team Liquid.” 
  2. As of now, the Twitch streamer is just 25 years old. He started streaming on these sites since 2011. He has been very dedicated with his work. 
  3. Likewise, he is also present and hailing on Instagram. His Instagram account consists of more than 15k followers to date. 
  4. Moving on, His real name is Drew Timbs and he is from Australia. However, he gained fame as “midbeast” on social media all around. 
  5. As for his net worth, the exact figures are yet to be determined. But he sure makes a good amount of money via Twitch streaming and social media. 
  6. Also, his total career earnings are yet to be piled up and calculated. We will be keeping tabs on that and update if something pops up. 
  7. Similarly, he also does a merch of his products lie T-shirts, hoodies, and caps. More details can be found on his social media accounts. 
  8. Likewise, Midbeast has more than 318 subscribers on Twitch. That really is a huge number. 
  9. Besides, he is also quite an active figure on Youtube and Discord. His streaming videos are liked by thousands of users. 
  10. Apart from that, Drew is also a former national level swimmer. But as of now, he is a great level gamer. 



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