Monica Sementilli Today: Fabio Sementilli Case Update 2021

Monica Sementilli is the wife of Fabio Sementilli who was murdered in his home in 2017. Where is she now? The Fabio Sementilli Case Update. 

On January 23, 2017, two identified persons approached Fabio Sementilli in his house and groped him from behind. He was then stabbed multiple times to death. He was stabbed seven times on his chest and neck. 

However, his case still remains unsolved as no one has pleaded guilty to his murder. The major suspects of the case are his own wife and her boyfriend. Let’s get to know his wife, Monica.

Monica Sementilli Update: Where is Fabio Sementilli’s wife now?

Monica Sementilli is still in and around the Fabio Sementilli murder case. 

However, there have not been any conclusive results out of the investigation. The trial still continues as the judge found her not guilty of the murder of her husband. 

Her current whereabouts are not exactly known at the moment. 

Is Sementilli arrested? Her sentence and trial

Monica Sementilli was arrested after four months of the incident. However, there were no shreds of evidence that connected her as the murderer. 

Hence, she was let go then. But the trial continues as the case still remains unsolved. A trial is due later in April this year. But as of now, she is just a suspect and not a convict. 

Moreover, she has three children with her victim husband. They had two daughters and a son.

Monica Sementilli Wikipedia: Is she married now?

Monica Sementilli doesn’t have a Wikipedia biography, at least not until now. 

Also, she is not married at the moment. But the rumors about her boyfriend are true. She was dating the former porn actor, Robert Baker. 

She along with her boyfriend allegedly killed Fabio for insurance money but their net worth remains undetermined. However, there is no proof that she actually did it. She awaits trial in April. 


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