Monika Janowska Wikipedia: Meet Robert Janowski Wife And Family

Monika Janowska Wikipedia is unavailable on the internet. But we do have her bio covered in the following article written about her.

However, his spouse, Robert Janowski, does have a Wikipedia made in his name.

Monika is best known for being the loving and loyal wife of Robert Janowski. Robert is a popular singer, music journalist, and famed TV presenter from Poland.

He is widely recognized in Poland for hosting the Jaka to Melodia? Besides this, Janowski has also written several books of poetry.

Monika Janowska Age: How Old Is She?

Monika Janowska’age is unknown at the moment. But we assumed that she could be in the early 50s.

Quick Facts: Monika Janowska Wikipedia: Meet Robert Janowski Wife And Family

Name Monika Janowska
Gender Female
Nationality Polish
Profession Author
Married/Single Married
Husband Robert Janowski  (m 2013)
Instagram jan.owska
Facebook @monikajanowskablog

Facts on Monika Janowska 

  1. Monika Janowska’s net worth is unknown at the moment. On the other hand, her husband, Robert Janowski, has a net worth in the region of $ 1 million.
  2. Talking about Monika Janowska’s children, she is also the mother of Roberts Janowski’s kid. The name of Robert’s children are Makary Janowski,Tola Janowska and Aniela Janowska.
  3. As there is no proper bio made of Monika. Due to this, we do not have her family background information.
  4. However, it is known that she is of Polish nationality, having a white ethnic background.
  5. On the other hand, Janowska is also pretty much active on social media as she has accumulated nearly 21 K followers on her Instagram account.
  6. Speaking about her, Robert Janowski’s wife, Monika Janowska, is an author by profession.
  7. Moving on and discussing her marriage details, Monika walked down the aisle as husband and wife at Kazimierz Dolny, Poland, in the year 2013.
  8. From her Facebook page, it was revealed that she came from the small Polish town of Chamska Hołota.
  9. On a lighter note, Janowska is splashing in the pond and learning new things. Currently, she is enjoying great marital bliss with her loyal spouse, Robert Janowski in their lovely home in Poland.


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