Mooptopia TikTok Real Name and Instagram Facts

Mooptopia is a famous Tiktok personality. She is best known for uploading short lip-sync videos on the video networking site, TikTok. She is also known for comedy and mimic videos on Tiktok. 

As result, she has amassed thousands of followers on Tiktok in a very short span of time. Her content is getting more likes and views every day. She probably is on the verge of being a huge Tiktok star out of the blue. But that doesn’t mean she is less hardworking. 

Quick Facts: Mooptopia TikTok Real Name and Instagram Facts

Name Mooptopia
Gender Female
Profession Tiktok Star
Tiktok @mooptopia

♬ original sound – mooptopia

10 Facts on Mooptopia

  1. Mooptopia is a popular TikTok user who has gone viral in the last month or so. She is best known for uploading short lip-sync and swagger videos on TikTok. 
  2. The TikTok star has gone with the name “None” on Tiktok. Hence, her actual name is not known at the moment. 
  3. Likewise, she is not present on Instagram and Twitter either. She likes to keep herself private. Actually, she has uploaded a TikTok video urging her fans to respect her privacy. 
  4. As for her age, she seems to be in her teens. If not, surely in her early 20s. Of course, she hasn’t yet shared her age and birthday. 
  5. Moreover, he has a decent height as well. Her height is around 1.6 meters approximately. Likewise, she has prominent black curly hair and a white skin tone. 
  6. Moving on, the social media celebrity has gathered around 900k followers on Tiktok. Likewise, she has amassed more than 26 Million likes on the platform. 
  7. It is not surprising detail that she doesn’t have a Wikipedia biography given her tendency to privacy. 
  8. Also, her dating status is unknown as well. She has not been spotted with anyone on Tiktok videos. 
  9. But she does have a pet dog. He is featured on many of her Tiktok videos. 
  10. Furthermore, She has also made videos about makeup tutorial. Whatsoever, further information about her is not available.


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