How did Robert Somerville of the Nae Pasaran film pass away? To know everything about the Scottish activist, keep reading.

Robert Somerville is a former Rolls Royce factory worker.

He is best known to the world for his revolutionary protest against working onboard the Chilean Air Force during Augusto Pinochet’s administration.

The film Nae Pasaran shows the civil disobedience act of Robert and his colleagues, Bob Fulton, John Keenan, and Stuart Barrie, during the military coup orchestrated by Augusto against Chile’s democratically elected president Salvador Allende.

Somerville was also the founder of the Motherwell-based youth club, Mr. Netherdale.

Obituary: Robert Somerville

Robert Somerville, also known as Bobby or Mr. Netherdale, passed away.

The 2018 documentary film, which showed his revolutionary protest, confirmed his death on 1 October 2021 via Twitter.

In the 1970s, Robert was a worker at the East Kilbride plant of the Rolls Royce. At the same time, Augusto Pinochet staged a military coup against then Chile’s president Salvador Allende.

With the coup ongoing, he and his colleagues refused to work on any planes used in the conflict. Although labeled civil disobedience, his acts were for a noble purpose, and the film portrays it beautifully.

His lifelong achievements include an MBE that he received for his industrial relations works at Rolls Royce. Furthermore, the Republic of Chile had recently made him a Commander for his human rights activism in Chile.

Regarding his funeral, it hasn’t been disclosed publically. The cause of his death is also a mystery at the moment.

Hopefully, Robert’s soul rests in peace, and his family passes through these tough times with a strong heart.

Robert Somerville Age And Net Worth

Robert Somerville died at the age of 85.

Nae Pasaran’s crew mentioned his age on Twitter. And with that, we can make up his birthdate to be somewhere in 1936.

As for Robert’s net worth, he never revealed it to the general public. Nonetheless, he might have made a few bucks through his time at Rolls Royce and the film.

Throughout his whole life, he worked as a social activist. Considering that, it is also possible that he didn’t earn a lot of money, and if earned, he probably donated pretty much all of it.

Robert Somerville Wife

Robert Somerville’s wife is Jean.

The film crew’s tweet also mentioned the name of his wife.

Although the tweet didn’t mention anything regarding her professional background, it did state that Robert had great-great grandkids.

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