Nahal Tajadod: Everything You Need To Know About Jean-Claude Carrière Wife

Nahal Tajadod is an Iranian writer who is currently based in Paris, France. Tajadod is erudite and has researched the Chinese civilization and the Iranian contribution to it. Tajadod began studying Sufism when she was young. Tajadod translated many Persian poems and stories with her husband, Jean-Claude Carrière.

Nahal Tajadod’s husband Jean-Claude Carrière passed away on February 8, 2021. Carrière was a respected French screenwriter, and his work has won him several awards and recognition, including an honorary Academy Award and Padma Shri. 

Quick Facts: Nahal Tajadod: Everything You Need To Know About Jean-Claude Carrière Wife

Name Nahal Tajadod
Birthday February 25, 1960
Age 60 years
Gender Female
Nationality Iranian
Profession Writer
Husband Jean-Claude Carrière
Children Kiara Carrière
Education INALCO
Instagram @nahaltajadod

10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Nahal Tajadod

  1. How old is Nahal Tajadod? Nahal was born in Tehran, Iran, on February 25, 1960. Tajadod’s current age is 60.
  2. Nahal Tajadod is the wife of late screenwriter Jean-Claude Carrière. He was a screenwriter, Academy Award honoree, film critic, novelist, and actor.
  3. Jean-Claude Carrière died on February 8, 2021, in their family home in Paris. Carrière passed away because of natural causes, reports The Hollywood Reporter.
  4. Talking about Nahal Tajadod’s children, she has a daughter with and Jean-Claude Carrière. Her name is Kiara Carrière. Jean has another daughter, Iris Carrière, from his first marriage to Augusta Bouy.
  5. The net worth details of Nahal Tajadod are private, along with the details of her salary and earnings.
  6. Tajadod comes from a family of scholars, which led her to move from Iran for her further education. Nahal Tajadod moved to France in 1977.
  7. Nahal has a Wikipedia page dedicated to her, where details of her career and her worklist are present.
  8. She is active on Instagram with 195 posts and 4.7k followers. Tajadod’s last post was about her daughter’s birthday.
  9. Nahal earned her doctorate in Chinese from INALCO, and she works on the historical relations between China and Persia.
  10. Tajadod has specialized in Persian poet Rûmi, Christianity, and Buddhism in Iran. Nahal earned several awards and recognition, including the Grand Prize of the Francophonie in 2007


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