Natalie Quillian Husband And Family: Everything You Need To Know

Natalie Quillian is a female American politician who represents the ‘Democratic Party’. After the election result, Joe Biden is all set in carrying his political works. On December 7, Joe Biden revealed the heath team that will lead the pandemic response.

Similarly, Natalie Quillian has been chosen to serve as a deputy coordinator of Covid-19 response who is another Obama administration veteran. She is a principal since early the year of 2017  at the BCG (Boston Consulting Group) which is based in Washington, D.C. Here are 10 facts about Natalie Quillian that you might not know.

Quick Facts: Natalie Quillian Husband And Family: Everything You Need To Know

Name Natalie Quillian
Gender Female
Nationality American
Profession Politician
Married/Single Married
Children 2
Education Woodrow Wilson School, Middlebury College

10 Facts About Natalie Quillian

  1. Natalie Quillian is a female politician who has been selected by Joe Biden’s health team as a deputy coordinator of Covid-19 response.
  2. Natalie Quillian, deputy coordinator of the Covid-19 response under Biden is also another Obama administration veteran.
  3. From the year 2013 January until January 2017, she has served as Deputy Assistant to Barack Obama and also an Advisor to the White House Chief of Staff.
  4. Who Is she married to? Natalie Quillian is a married lady who has a caring husband but the details about her husband are yet to come. 
  5. Furthermore, Natalie Quillian has an adorable family of her own which consists of her husband and two children.
  6. We are yet to get the information on Natalie Quillian’s exact age and her hometown where she was brought up.
  7. Natalie Quillian’s reference has not been available on the Wikipedia page which is not liked by her followers who want to know more about her political career.
  8. Being an appreciable American politician, Natalie Quillian has an impressive amount of salary and net worth but the exact details are not known.
  9. Natalie Quillian does not have her profile on any social media sites.
  10. She has a Master of Arts degree in International Relations from Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School.


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