Nick Paytas: Who Is Trisha Paytas Brother? Age, Instagram And 10 Facts

Nick Paytas is a brother of the celebrated American media personality ‘Trisha Paytas’. In the recent post of Trisha Paytas on Twitter, she has shared a photo revealing her older brother. The outsiders including her followers and fans did not know about her having an older brother.

From the photos, he seems to be really charming and handsome. His identity was not revealed until Trisha Paytas decided to post the picture of them together with the caption ‘my hero, my big brother Nick <3333’. Below we have mentioned 10 facts about Nick Paytas that you should know.

Quick Facts: Nick Paytas: Who Is Trisha Paytas Brother? Age, Instagram And 10 Facts

Name Nick Paytas
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Managing director
Parents Frank Paytas, Lenna Paytas
Siblings Trisha Paytas
Education The University of San Diego, The University of Colorado
Twitter @nickpaytas

10 Facts About Nick Paytas

  1. Who Is Trisha Paytas Brother? Nick Paytas is an older brother of Trisha Paytas which she has revealed through her post on Twitter.
  2. How old is Nick Paytas? Nick Paytas is believed to be in his mid-30s by his appearance and his educational background.
  3. Furthermore, Nick Paytas is not available on the Instagram platform. However, he has a profile on Twitter with 79 followers.
  4. Trisha Paytas’ sibling, Nick Paytas does not have enough information mentioned on the Internet.
  5. Nick Paytas was born to his parents Frank Paytas (father) and Leena Paytas (mother). His parents are divorced and he used to live with his father.
  6. What does he do for a living? According to Nick Paytas Linkedln profile, he has the job of a managing director at Charles Schwab which is a financial services company based in San Francisco, California. 
  7. Nick Paytas has been working for Charles Schwab for 5 years, Similarly, he also worked as a managing director at Altregris Advisors and Diversified Strategic Developments.
  8. He is a graduate from the University of San Diego with a BA degree and has an MBA degree from the University of Colorado. 
  9. While mentioning his family, His parents are divorced, and have a younger sibling ‘Trisha Paytas’.
  10. His height and weight details are unknown.


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