Noah Ohlsen

Noah Ohlsen is a famous athlete working on the global fitness community- CrossFit. After being graduated from the University of Miami-Florida, he aspired to be a part of CrossFit representing the South East. He has set up some overwhelming personal records which seems hard to beat. The journey from athletics to CrossFit has been very wholesome and enormous for him. He believes he is destined to be a part of this journey since he always had a sturdy interest and a fear of missing out when it came to sports.

“I’ve trained about 6 hours a day, 5 days a week for the past 10 years focusing on everything from Olympic weightlifting to gymnastics to running”, he has written this in his introduction which clearly shows his determination and conviction for inspiring and changing the spirit of the individual aspiring to become an athlete. He has taken part in various tournaments and shown an outstanding performance every time.

Quick Facts: Noah Ohlsen

Name Noah Ohlsen
Birthday May 30
Age 30
Gender Male
Height 170cm
Weight 185-195lbs
Nationality American
Profession CrossFit Athlete
Net Worth $1 Million-$5 Million (Approx)
Education University of Miami-Florida


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I’ve struggled a bit the last month to feel the easy everyday happiness I’d been accustomed to. In the moments that it does come to me, I feel too guilty to share it. It may be cheesy to talk about social media, but it’s where I have my biggest voice. Posting a picture of myself smiling or a video working out, has felt ignorant and selfish in a time where much of the world is hurting.⁣ ⁣ I want to be a light, especially in the dark times, but there’s a fine line between illuminating the good things surrounding us and shining light directly in the eyes of someone who may not like the way their current situation looks. ⁣ ⁣ It’s a delicate balance, in my eyes. While I recognize that everything may not be the way it should be today, I hope a moment of pure joy captured between me and my best furry friend helps tip the scales in a good direction for you.

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10 Facts on Noah Ohlsen

  1. Noah Ohlsen is a very grounded and determinate person who has begun his trip for inspiring individuals aspiring to become an athlete.
  2. He is an animal lover. He has a pet dog and calls himself the dog dad.
  3. He graduated from the University of Miami-Florida in 2013 and soon came across the CrossFit community.
  4. He has a huge fan base and he seems to be very active on social media.
  5. He has a total of 8.5 million followers including his Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube channel.
  6. He stopped uploading videos in his channel but recently due to the requests of his fans, he decided to get back to sharing his athletic stunts.
  7. He has been engaged to Joann Leigh who is a Physical Therapy student.
  8. Joann Leigh is also the lover of fitness, fashion and also has an interest in home decor.
  9. Noah Ohlsen got inspired to get into the sports by seeing a poster of a broad-shouldered CrossFit athlete.
  10. He has a dream to inspire people and motivate them to achieve whatever they have dreamt of.


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