Oliver Dench

Oliver Dench is a British actor who became a familiar face after portraying the character in the movie ride in 2018. The star Oliver is at the age of 27 and has amassed huge respect and fame at a very young age. The ride star appeared in One Night at the Aristo before starring in Ride.

Quick Facts: Oliver Dench

Name Oliver Dench
Birthday September 9, 1992
Age 27 years
Gender Male
Height 5 ft 6 inches
Nationality British
Ethnicity White
Profession Actor
Instagram o_dench

The British actor Oliver Dench seemed very dedicated and hardworking as his acting career has been unfazed and unobstructed. The star Oliver Dench gets to travel a lot with his friends and families. Oliver Dench stepped in the paths of his aunt Judi Dench who happens to be oscar winning actress.

10 Facts on Oliver Dench

  1. Oliver Dench is a British movie star born on September 9, 1992, in England and is gaining popularity lately.
  2. The movie star Oliver standing at a height of 6 feet and has got an impressive physique that is suitable for action movies.
  3. The star Oliver became a familiar face after starring in the movie ride, pandora, and Noughts+ Crosses.
  4. The birth sign or zodiac sign of Oliver Dench is Virgo.
  5. 2013 was the year that took the turn in the life of Oliver as she joined movie industry with the movie One Night at the Aristo.
  6. To spice up his acting skills Oliver first joined theatre and a couple of rs later Dench became Artistic Director of Revolve Theatre Company.
  7. Speaking of family, Oliver Dench’s aunt Judi Dench won Oscar which is incredible.
  8. The star is also available on Instagram to share his lifestyle pictures and earned over 5K followers with the account named o_dench.
  9. Taking a deep look at Oliver’s page, we can get that he is living a luxurious and happy life as he has reached great heights.
  10. Due to a lack of Wikipedia page of the rising star, his detailed personal information regarding his partner and family is still missing.


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