Do you know what’s trending on TikTok these days? Well, if you are a regular on the Chinese social media app, you are going to hear about this gorgeous puppy impersonator on TikTok, Jenna Phillips. Well, TikTokers have seen several trends and challenges on TikTok time and again. But this one is quite different. Reall, impersonality puppies!

Her only fans TikTok page has thousands of followers and is rapidly growing. She now goes as ‘your puppy girl’ on her TikTok page.

Jenna had a normal life and 10-5 working hours as an optician. Her life was running like any regulars until she decided to impersonate puppies and come to TikTok. She is now a media magnet after her videos went viral one after another. Reall, TikTok is an unpredictable thing. The lady was a nobody until her TikTok life. Today, she is a celebrity.

Let’s find out more about Jenna Phillips from TikTok. 

Who is Jenna Phillips From TikTok?

Jenna Phillips is a gouges white American lady who is a recent social media sensation and internet personality. Born to normal working parents in American soil, Jenna Phillips is a former optician. She was living a normal life like any regular American female with a pretty face and astounding physique. But, she is now a TikTok star.


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♬ original sound – yourpuppygirljenna

Though she is a popular TikTok star now, her rise from a mediocre family girl is simply unreal. She only started using TikTok this year. She uploaded her first TikTok video in the month of June 2020. And today, she is a well known TikTok star with millions of social media users watching her TikTok videos and several media outlets gushing over her.

All she too get fame through TikTok was a month’s time. Isn’t it amazing?

She uploaded her first TikTok video on June 12 in which she tries to act like a puppy. A pretty lady shown in the videos throws a ball to the river and Jenna jumps to get the ball just like any trained puppy would do.


Who wants to play fetch? ##fyp ##foryou ##prank ##lol ##funnyvideos ##viral ##tiktok ##puppylife ##puppydog ##puppylove ##puppycheck ##puppychallenge ##puppygirl

♬ original sound – yourpuppygirljenna

Jenna Phillips as a Puppy Impersonator on TikTok

Never ever has anyone tired to impersonate animals on social media. Well, people have tired animal sounds time and again, but impersonating a whole being on social media, this has never been done. This could be the reason why social media users find Jenna Phillips so interesting.

Whether she is fond of puppies or what. Just what made her impersonate puppies, only Jenna would know. But, she sure has found thousands of audiences on her TikTok as a puppy impersonator. 

In some videos, she tries to act with ball like the puppies. In her latest video, someone is trying to help her take a bath, the way we do with our dogs. 


I need another bath 😩 ##fyp ##foryou ##prank ##lol ##funnyvideos ##viral ##tiktok ##puppylife ##puppydog ##puppycheck ##puppychallenge ##yourpuppygirl

♬ original sound – yourpuppygirljenna

So far, she only has seven videos on her TikTok account, of which three have views in million. Her first TikTok video has been viewed over 1.1 million times which she uploaded only on June 12.

As per sources, Jenna Phillips makes huge earnings as a dog impersonator on TikTok. She charges around $20 to see her act like a dog. Maybe it was a great idea for Phillips to give up her job as an optician.

How Old is Jenna Phillips: Her Age and Birthday Facts

Jenna Phillips is a young American lady who has taken TikTok by storm. The lady is only 21 years of age and is already so popular on TikTok. The details about her birthday and birthplace are yet to be discussed on the internet. 

She is relatively new to the spotlight. For now, we just have to wait for some time to know in details about Jean Phillips.

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