Our Watch Ambassador Rebecca Poulson Reportedly Dies – Everything To Know

Who is Rebecca Poulson? She needs no introduction as she was a familiar face in the television industry. Her sudden death announcements via Twitter have shattered everyone including her family.

Rebecca Poulson was a popular and fascinating advocate based in New South Wales. Besides, she was also Our Watch and White Ribbon Ambassador. 

After a brutal murder of Poulson’s father, niece, and nephew by her brother-in-law in an act of bone-chilling family violence, she eventually pursued her career to help other women and families so that they don’t have to suffer same fate.

As per the Daily Mail, Rebecca has written a book called Killing Love. The book explains how the devastated Poulson’s survived the tragedy that occurred in September 2003.

Who Is Rebecca Poulson?

Rebecca was a renowned advocate and the ambassador of Our Watch And White Ribbon.

Also, she was the survivor of Australia’s most horrific domestic violence tragedies. Poulson’s father, Peter, a niece, and nephew were stabbed by the Prithak Kongsom at Poulson’s home in 2003.

She was known for her amazing work and helping nature for mankind. She has handled tons of domestic violence cases throughout her advocacy career.

See Our Watch Ambassador Rebecca Poulson Cause Of Death

As per the Latest News South Africa reports, Rebecca has passed away in the early morning on Sunday, July 18, 2021. 

There is not much information disclosed regarding Rebecca’s cause of death in the media. The death news was confirmed by the CEO of Our Watch Patty Kinnersly. 

We’ll keep you updated about her death as soon as the information is out. 

Moving on to her age, Rebecca’s actual age is unclear now. As per our knowledge, she must be around 55-60 years.

The talented personnel Rebecca was a native of Australia. Hence, she is Australian by nationality.

Is She On Wikipedia?

Rebecca Poulson’s name is yet to document on Wikipedia. 

However, we can find her short biography and her career details that are available on several news portals.

The amazing author Poulson is highly active on Instagram. She has about 5k devotees so far. 

Let me tell you, she was intelligent, humorous, and a fascinating lady. Unfortunately, she is a reserved kind of person in nature. Due to this, we can’t figure out if she is married or not.

We dug into her social media platforms to find out her marital records but failed to do so. Perhaps, she is unmarried and single.


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