Social Media is allowing everyone to share their skills, expertise with everyone. Social Media is helping everyone to gain exposure and gain connections. The online gaming community is increasing drastically and people are sharing their gameplay online.

Pestily is an Australian online streamer born in Australia who streams gameplay all over the internet. The real name of Pestily is Paul and he is most active on twitch. The online gamer is residing in Adelaide which is in Australia.

Quick Facts: Pestily

Name Paul
Age Male
Nationality Australian
Married/Single Married
Instagram thisispestily
Tiktok pestily
Youtube Pestily

Pestily is very active on twitch with over 498K followers which is absolutely amazing. The gamer started playing games when he was a teenager and made great carrier out of it. At the teenager, the gamer used to play games like TDZK which was an online game and used to run in the browser.

No detailed information is given regarding his age but he is around 30 years old. The online gamer/streamer has a lot of income sources and he surely generates a huge amount of revenue and has a huge net worth.

10 Facts on Pestily

  1. Pestily is an online gamer/streamer born in Adelaide, Australia who made a huge fan following streaming online.
  2. The real name of the online gamer/ streamer is Paul.
  3. The online gamer entered the gaming field from the game name TDZK which is a browser game.
  4. The gamer started playing games when he was around 13 years old.
  5. Paul is very popular on twitch and has over 498k followers and he streams regularly.
  6. The online gamer worked as Rifleman in the Australian Army for  8 years and was irregular in playing games online.
  7. Pestily is a married man but he has not disclosed his wife to the public audience.
  8. From Feb 2018 the online game streamer started streaming regularly and earned a huge fan following.
  9. Paul is also on youtube where he streams gaming video there too.
  10. Pestily has earned 20K followers on Instagram where he posts about his travel and family


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