Raquell Rose: Unknown Facts On Alaskan Bush People Gabe Brown Wife

Raquell Rose is known to the entire world for being Gabe Brown‘s wife. The couples had been dating since February 2018, and just a year later, they tied the knot in January 2019. 

Quick Facts: Raquell Rose: Unknown Facts On Alaskan Bush People Gabe Brown Wife

Name Raquell Rose
Age 24 years
Gender Female
Nationality American
Profession Photographer
Married/Single Married
Husband Gabe Brown (m. January 2019)
Instagram @raquell.rose11

Talking about her man, Gabe Brown is the son of Billy Brown and Ami Brown, and the name of Wolfpack often recognizes their family. His father, Billy Brown, a vital member of the Alaskan Bush People, died on February 7, 2021, at the age of 68, after suffering from a seizure. 

10 Facts on Raquell Rose:

  1. Raquell Rose, Gabe Brown‘s wife, is also the BFF of Rainy Brown, Gabe‘s sister. In fact, it has been known that it was Rainy who introduced the couples. 
  2. As of a July 2020 report of People, Raquell Rose’s age was just 22 years. This means that in two years, she must be 24 years old.
  3. From her Instagram bio, we can confirm that Raquell Rose’s job is probably of a photographer as she has mentioned that she uses Canon Rebel T7 Adventures for taking photos.
  4. Moving on to the Raquell Rose’s children, it seems the couples do not share any son or daughter. However, there were huge rumors regarding her being pregnant, but since the news regarding the birth of a child has not been official, we cannot say that the couples have already become parents. 
  5. Even though Raquell Rose is active on Instagram with 6.4 thousand followers, she doesn’t seem to be using her account a lot. 
  6. Since she hails all the way from California, USA, we can be assured that Raquell is of American nationality.
  7. According to Rose’s bio, she had first met her husband in California. Now, they live together with the other members of the Brown family in Alaska.
  8. However, we have still not been able to find the information regarding Raquell’s parents.
  9. Speaking more about Rose’s pregnancy, it was expected that she would give birth to a child in November 2019, according to Country Living.
  10. Well, nothing has yet been known about her net worth and salary too. 


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