Raw Talent Tik Tok Members – Domelipa, Rodrigo Contreras and More

The “Raw Talent” is a TikTok group formed together by a handful of talented TikTok stars based in Mexico. “Raw Talent” is similar to the “Hype House” and “Sway House” that are also very famous groups on TikTok.

All the TikTok users out there might have seen that anyone can be popular in TikTok but only a few of them have “Raw Talents”. Especially the teenagers and young people of this generation are much more creative and have pure talents to make great video contents on TikTok.

When these TikTok content creators come together and collaboratively create videos, then it surely increases their creativity and makes them more productive.

Raw Talent TikTok members

There are around 10 members in this TikTok group. Raw Talent already has more than 940K Followers and has acquired more than 9.4 Million of likes. It has not even been a year since this TikTok group has formed and it has already gained so much popularity. Raw Talent TikTok videos are always captioned with a “#casaraw“.

The members of Raw Talent TikTok are Domelipa, Rodrigo Contreras, Ílika Cruz, Brianda Deyanara, Alex Casas, Daniel Vargas, Audrey Ochoa, El Rufas, Vanne Amador and Lili Sixx. These TikTok celebrities are all from Mexico and every one of them is famous individually too.

All these members are equally talented and popular but the biography of a few key members of the group is given below.

Raw Talent TikTok Member- Domelipa

Domelipa is a Mexican TikTok celebrity with more than 12 million followers. She has been active on TikTok since June of 2018. She is also very popular in Instagram with more than 4.3 million followers there. She is famous for her choreographed dancing videos and lip-syncing videos.


Lo haré bien xd promesa

♬ sonido original – yareliyess

Domelipa’s full name is Dominik Elizabeth Reséndez Robledo. She was born on August 27, 2001, in Monterrey, Mexico. As of now, she is 19 years old. She has two siblings, Gabriel and Kevin.

She used to date her fellow Raw Talent member, Ílika Cruz. Recently she is dating another TikTok star, Kevlex Pazmino.

Raw Talent TikTok Member- Rodrigo Contreras

Rodrigo Contreras was born on 28th December 1999 in Mazatlan, Mexico.

He has over 15 million followers on TikTok and is famous for his dancing skills and lip-sync videos. This 21 years old celebrity has over 5 million followers in his Instagram account as well.

Rodrigo’s full name is Rodrigo Alonso Contreras González. His nickname given by his family is “Chapito”. As of 2020, he is dating a fellow TikTok star, Mont Pantoja.


♬ Geek’d (feat. Lil Baby) – Bhad Bhabie

Raw Talent TikTok Member- Ílika Cruz

Another key member of the Raw Talent group of TikTok is Ílika Cruz. Ílika is a TikTok star with more than 5.6 million followers. He also has more than 1.5 million followers in his Instagram account as well.

He was born in Mexico City on 25th June 2000. Before being popular on social media, he had done a photo shoot for a clothing catalog.


Estoy feliz 🥰

♬ Coño – Jason Derulo & Puri & Jhorrmountain

Apart from being a star in social media, Ílika is an actor too. He is also known for his role in the television series “Cosas de Niños” in 2005 in which he had appeared in 4 episodes. He has worked as a voice actor in various other TV shows and movies too.

There is no information about the relationship status of this 20-year-old handsome TikTok star. 

Raw Talent TikTok Member – Brianda Deyanara

Brianda is also very famous for her lip-syncing videos on TikTok. She has over 13.2 million followers on TikTok and over 5.5 million followers on her Instagram account


👉🏻👈🏻 (Instagram:BriansaDeyanara)

♬ sonido original – cardenasmarcelo

Brianda Deyanara Moreno Guerrero a.k.a. Brianda was born on 5th August 1995 in Tijuana, Mexico.  She had dated Ryan Hoffman (debryanshow) in the past. She also used to date fellow member of Raw Talent Alex Casas but they broke up recently in July 2020.



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