Rivkah Reyes Wikipedia: Here is a complete overview of the former child actor known for her work in “School of Work.” 

Known for her 11-year-old portrayal in the 2003 film, School of Rock, Rivkah Reyes took a long break after her debut role in the musical comedy film. They recently opened up on how they were bullied and ragged in school due to their role. 

Speaking out in the Medium article, they shared that everyone in school would call them “Katie”, which is her “School of Rock” character. So, in a way, they felt their actual significance fading away due to the early fame. 

Rivkah Reyes Wikipedia: Net Worth and Bio

Upon scrutiny, you can find Rivkah Reyes’s Wikipedia biography in the Spanish language. 

Debuted at the age of 11, the actor appeared in the hit movie, School of Rock. However, they spent 11 years without any on-screen appearances after that. Continued their acting in 2014, the actor has a couple of post-productions to come this year. 

Moreover, the musical artist has a great height of around 5 feet and 9 inches. 

However, we have no trace of Reyes’s earnings and net worth as of now. 

Rivkah Reyes Boyfriend And Age Details 

Rivkah Reyes is not dating anyone for the time being. They are single and do not have a boyfriend. 

Hence, they are definitely not married yet.

They use the gender-neutral pronoun (they/them) and Rivkah Reyes is currently 28 years of age. Born in Chicago, they celebrate their birthday on August 18 every year. 

However, we have no information on their parents. The actor does come from Filipino, Spanish, and Russian ethnicity. 

Meet the School of Rock Actor on Instagram

You can follow Rivkah Reyes on Instagram @Rivkah.reyes 

Their Instagram account has more than 38k followers at the moment. They have made over 293 posts as well. 

You can get to know them better on their IMDB biography as well. They have 7 listed credits on IMDb. 

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