Robbie Graham-Kuntz

Robbie Graham-Kuntz is an actor from Canada. He is a very good actor who is loved by many people and he has a very unique way of connecting with people. HULU TV series ‘Utopia Falls’ is what he is best known for.

Quick Facts: Robbie Graham-Kuntz

Name Robert Graham-Kuntz
Age 20s to early 30s
Gender Male
Height 5’7″
Nationality Canadian
Profession Actor
Married/Single Jamie Murray (girlfriend)
Instagram @robsgk

He started his acting career when he was just 19 years old and from then onwards there is no looking back for him. Started to act from his school he later trained t act on stage and later he faced the camera.

10 Facts about Robbie Graham-Kuntz 

  1. Robbie Graham-Kuntz is a professional actor and a singer from Canada.
  2. Robbie’s exact date of birth is still unknown. But judging from his looks he seems to be in his late 20s to early 30s.
  3. His height is 5 feet 7 inches and weight and body measurements are not known. He seems to have a well-maintained body.
  4. He was born in Port Credit, Ontario, Cveryanada and raised by his parents in a  very good environment.
  5. He seems to be dating Jamie Murray who is also an actor and singer as they both are seen posting photos of each other with very lovely captions. The couple is very happy and madly in love.
  6. About the Utopia Falls actor educational background, he went to Etobicoke School of The Arts High School and enhanced his singing and acting talents from there.
  7. He has been able to keep his personal life a secret as he always maintains low-profile so we don’t know about his parents.
  8. HULU TV series ‘Utopia Falls’ is what he is best known for.
  9. Performed in ‘Kurt Von Trapp’ at Mirvish Production of The Sound of Music at a very young age when he was just 13.
  10. He has more than 8 thousand followers on his Instagram account whose id is @robsgk.


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