Robbie Montgomery

Robbie Montgomery is an American soul singer who sang a lot of R&B songs back in the 70s. She also worked as a backing vocalist for the stage dramas and acts. However, the singer found a lot of success as a restaurateur and cook. 

Afterward, Robbie created a reality TV series called Welcome to the Sweetie Pie’s. It featured her restaurant Sweetie Pie. The show went to win several awards and turned out to be a great reality show. However recently, her son has been arrested under allegations of a murder-for-hire plot on his nephew. Her son, James has been taken into custody and further investigation is going on. 

Quick Facts: Robbie Montgomery

Name Robbie Montgomery
Birthday June 16, 1940
Age 80 years
Nationality American
Profession Reality Tv star
Children James Timothy Norman
Instagram @msrobbiesweetiepies

10 Facts on Robbie Montgomery

  1. Robbie Montgomery is an American soul singer and reality Tv star who is best known for the reality show, Welcome to the Sweetie Pie’s. 
  2. As of now, the reality star is around 80 years old. She had been in the spotlight since the 60s. 
  3. Moreover, she doesn’t have a husband at the moment. There have not been any records of her marriage online. 
  4. Likewise, Robbie has a well dedicated Wikipedia biography and deservedly so. 
  5. As for her financial status, her net worth is estimated to be around $20 Million. She makes a great deal of money through her restaurants. 
  6. Speaking of which, she is the owner of the restaurants, Sweetie Pie, that are located in several places around the United States. 
  7. Talking about her family, she had a son Andre, who died back in 1995. Her grandson, Andre MontgomeryJr was shot killed in 2016. 
  8. But recently, her other son, Timothy Norman has been arrested for a murder-for-hire plot against his nephew, Andre. 
  9. As per the sources, Timothy committed murder just to get his nephew’s life insurance money. 
  10. Moreover, Robbie is yet to talk about the incident. Look out for her Instagram account where she shares most of her stuff. 


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