Roc Sandford Wealth And Net Worth: Meet His Wife And Daughters

Roc Sandford is a widely known laird whose wealth has always been discussed as the rich man has an estimated net worth in millions. Professionally, he is a businessman, of course, but apart from that, he is also an environmental strategist.

Since January 2018, Roc has been working as an Extinction Rebellion Catalyser at Extension Rebellion. As an environmental strategist, it is clear that he has been working to improve our planet’s environmental condition. 

Roc Sandford Wealth And Net Worth

According to the Scottish Sun reports, Roc Sandford is a millionaire, but his wealth and current net worth have not been discussed anywhere on the internet. However, we can say that his net worth is in millions, and it’s just a matter of time that his earnings will be counted in billions.

What does Roc Sandford do? According to Roc’s bio, he is an island owner, and he mostly makes his money from properties and tourism. It has also been revealed that he has been making ‘rubbish art’ for quite a few years now. 

Meet Roc Stanford’s Wife

Roc Sandford seems to be single right now, and thus, there is nothing to know about his wife. However, this doesn’t mean that he has never married at all – he was previously married to a woman who currently lives in West London. 

According to The Sun, one of Roc’s children has been living in between his island and her mother’s home. This is enough for us to know that the couples have already broken apart and are living separately.

His Family Life With Daughters: Savannah and Blue

Roc Standford has two daughters from his previous marriage: Savannah Sanford and Blue Sanford. The family celebrated the 2019 Christmas quite early, and Roc gave his children presents that were made of litters.

Recently, he praised his two daughters, who are HS2 protestors and have been currently living in a tunnel beneath central London. Also, he has a son whose name is Lazer Sanford.


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