Facts of Sally Cockburn

Full Name Sally Cockburn
First Name Sally
Last Name Cockburn
Profession Mathematician
Nationality Canadian, American
Ethnicity White
Birth Country Canada
Gender Identity Female
Date of Birth 1960
Married Date

Sally Cockburn is a very talented and very experienced Mathematician, and she has contributed a lot to research. 

Net Worth

Data and Mathematics are the way to go now in this digital world. 

She is a renowned mathematician, and her salary is around 100,000 dollars per year.

Mathematicians can easily earn around 42 dollars per hour on average. 

The minimum pay of a mathematician is around 57,000 dollars.

Looking at the pay scale she enjoys, her net worth is a minimum of 500,000 dollars, yet to be confirmed, though. 

Her contribution to researches adds to her fortune for sure. She deals in top-level mathematics areas such as combinatorial optimization and algebraic topology, and this makes her a rare talent in the field of mathematics. 


She is experienced, and she has worked very hard in her career. 

She is a successful mathematician and gives excellent service to the ones in need. 

She has done a wide range of research in algebraic topology, and her research has contributed a lot to the development of new topologies. She has also worked for set theory to geometric graph theory. 

Her experience in combinatorial optimization is fantastic as well, and she is very much respected.

Early Life and Education

She went to Queen’s University for her degree. She achieved her bachelor’s and master’s degree from there. 

She also has a master’s degree from a university called the University of Ottawa. 

She has a doctorate in algebraic topology, and she achieved this degree from Yale University. 

She worked on The Gamma Filtration onExtra Special Groups for her dissertations. Her supervisor for her project was Ronnie Lee. 

She has also worked as a faculty at Hamilton College. She joined the college in the year 1991. 

She got the opportunity to work as a full professor, and she grabbed it. She started working as a full professor from 2014. 

She is a multi-talented woman as she is also a coach. She has worked as a coach for the college’s squash team. 


She has been recognized for her work, and she has received awards. 

She won the 2014 Carl B. Allendoerfer Award, and this was an excellent achievement for her. 

She won the award from the Mathematical Association of America. 

She won this award for her work, and she had a joint work with Joshua Lesperance. 

Wiki of Sally Cockburn

She was born in the year 1960, and this makes her age 59 in 2019. She is an immigrant from Canada. 

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