Sarah Bonito Boyfriend: Who is Sarah Bonito Dating 2020?

Sarah Bonito is a British singer who has been known for her singing talents and her well. She was born in Japan and her fans follow her on Twitter and Instagram and she has a loyal fan base that loves her. Sarah Bonito is her stage name and her actual name is Sarah Midori Perry.

Sarah Bonito has a great social media presence and she is in a band called Kero Kero Bonito and they make an electro-pop band. They have a lot of indie sensibility and have a decent following. They are not that famous band but their popularity is slowly growing.

Quick Facts: Sarah Bonito Boyfriend: Who is Sarah Bonito Dating 2020?

Name Sarah Midori Perry
Birthday March 4, 1991
Age 29
Gender Male
Profession Singer
Net Worth $100,000-$1M
Instagram @sarah_bonito
Twitter @Sarah_Bonito_

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10 Interesting Facts About Sarah Bonito

  1. Sarah Bonito was born on March 2, 1991, which makes her 29 years old as of 2020. 
  2. If you are keen to know her birth sign, it is Pisces.
  3. Sarah Midori Perry is in a British indie band called Kero Kero Bonito which produces electro-pop music.
  4. Bonito spent the first 13 years of her life in Otaru, japan and that influenced her musical life very much to the point where she made a band with a Japanese name.
  5. Sarah started DJing under the name “Cryalot” and had her first show was on February 2019.
  6. Talking about Sarah’s boyfriend, Sarah Bonito is currently single right now according to a source online.
  7. Sarah was born in Nagoya, Japan but later went to Otaru where she spent most of her childhood.
  8. Bonito has a total of 79.7 thousand followers on Instagram and her bio says “dreaming art stuff”.
  9. Sarah Bonito joined Twitter in September 2011 and has 34.3 thousand followers.
  10. Besides music, Sarah Bonito is pretty good as a painter and shares a lots of her arts on Twitter and Instagram.


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