Sean Caracena Husband And Net Worth: Everything to know, Update 2021

Sean Caracena husband or wife: Was he married? Read this article to find everything about the late actor.

Sean Caracena is an actor from Somebody Is Waiting. Unfortunately, he is no more with us. But, his memories still lives with the new documentary, Kid 90, by Soleil Moon Frye. Moreover, the film was released on March 12, 2021

Sean Caracena Husband or Wife: Spouse Revealed

There is no revelation if Sean Caracena was husband to anyone. Who was Sean Caracena wife? the details remain hidden. 

Sean Caracena was a fancy enjoying life in LA during the 1990s. He was good friends with filmmaker Soleil Moon Frye and other celebrities. However, gossips never disclosed anything about his personal life.

Moving on to Update 2021, Sean Caracena was honoured by his friend Frye via her documentary. The movie also features other late celebrities like Harold Hunter, Shanon Wisley, and Andrew Dorff. 

Sean Caracena Wikipedia and Net Worth Explored

Sean Caracena doesn’t have a Wikipedia bio yet.

Nevertheless, Sean is featured on the IMDb page for his Hollywood contribution. But, he only appeared in one movie titled “Somebody Is Waiting” (1996). Similarly, he portrayed the role of Gavin Pullman in the drama film.

Caracena took a step back from acting after his debut role. It is alleged that Hollywood forced him to be a good guy for the industry. I

Despite the available Sean Caracena net worth value, he later lived a decent and reserved life. 

Cause of Death: What Happened to Sean Caracena?

Sean Caracena cause of death was revealed as suicide.

Sean was apparently suffering from mental health problems during his last days. In fact, he even cried for help. Unfortunately, he couldn’t bear the pressure and chose to end his life. However, no official statements were made for his demise. 

The back story of Sean Caracena is rarely talked about in Hollywood. His fame was sudden but short-lived. On the other hand, we can see Sean’s glimpse and happy times in “Kid 90” now.


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