Shaun Monteith

Shaun Monteith is a young American who has been in the light of media because of his famous actor brother Cory Monteith. As for his current position, his actual job or employment status is not received.

Shaun Monteith’s brother Cory passed away seven years ago. The Monteith family has been in grief ever since this tragic incident. The two brothers were inseparable and spent most of their free time together. Deep guilt and a sense of responsibility for his brother’s death is felt by Shaun Monteith.

Quick Facts: Shaun Monteith

Name Shaun Monteith
Gender Male
Nationality American
Parents Joe Monteith, Ann McGregor
Siblings Cory Monteith
Net Worth 1 million dollars
Instagram @shaunsy88
Twitter @ogieboi88

10 Facts on Shaun Monteith

  1. According to many reports, Shaun Monteith’s age is said to be around 35 as of now.
  2. Shaun Monteith was born and raised in a family of four in the United States. His parents are two famous public figures named Joe Monteith and Ann McGregor.
  3. Looking at his pictures and images, his height appears to be anywhere near 5 feet and 9 inches tall.
  4. Shaun Monteith has one brother named Cory Monteith, who passed away in 2013 due to drug abuse. He was 31 years old then.
  5. While griefing for his beloved brother, Shaun Monteith mentioned that he blamed himself for this bad habit of his brother’s.
  6. Shaun is a bit secretive about his personal life. He has not mentioned any information on his dating life or if he has many girlfriends.
  7. The rumor has it that he has some form of investments for his income. His net worth is guessed to be around 1 million dollars.
  8. According to Shaun Monteith’s Wikipedia page, the specific career choice for Shaun has not been revealed as of now.
  9. Shaun Monteith is active on most social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. He often shares his thought there.
  10. After many years of tragedy for the family, Shaun Monteith is trying to overcome his guilt and move on to establish a new life for himself.


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