Shawanda Hill

Shawanda Hill is the girlfriend of late George Floyd and not his fiancé. George Floyd has been one of the most searched persons right now as he was murdered by the police officer. There is a protest going on for George for justice over 20 cities in the United States.

Quick Facts: Shawanda Hill

Name Shawanda Hill
Gender Female
Nationality American
Ethnicity Black
Married/Single Was in a relationship with George Floyd

Thousands of people have shown up on the roads for Gorge asking justice for him and asking about their rights. Shawanda is the girlfriend of George who is in shock with her boyfriend’s new and is in a very miserable time of her life.

She is also seen protesting with many other thousand Americans asking justice for her late boyfriend George Floyd who was murdered brutally by the police officer who arrested him. His death has caused a nationwide outrage against racism.

10 Facts About Shawanda Hill:

  1. Shawanda Hill seems to be in her late twenties. However, we have no information about when she was born. 
  2. The information regarding her height, weight, and other various body measurements remain unknown. 
  3. She is an American who was probably born in Minneapolis, United States and has spent her entire life there. 
  4. There is not much information about her on the internet. 
  5. Also, we do not know much about her parents as well as her siblings. 
  6. She was the girlfriend of George Floyd who was shot dead by four police officers. Death of her boyfriend George has created a nationwide outrage as people are protesting for the Justice of him and also protesting against racism.
  7. It is believed that she completed almost all of her education in the USA. 
  8. It seems Shawanda has kept most of her social media accounts private. 
  9. She was devastated after knowing her boyfriend was dead and her picture will make everyone cry. Now, thousands of people in the United States have come out to protest against this incident. 

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