Boy bands have helped a lot of people make a name for themselves. There’s no doubt that Simon Webbe falls into this category. He got his platform to fame when he became a member of the boy band, Blue. They were kind of a big deal in the early 2000s and it was in 2005 that Webbe launched out on his own and began to enjoy a fruitful solo career. Since then, he has tried his hands at a couple of things such as reality TV and music management. There is a lot more to know about this Simon as you will find below.

Simon Webbe Biography

The star was born on the 30th of March 1978. Altogether, there is not much information out there about his upbringing. Nevertheless, his parents’ origins have been traced to Saint Kitts and Nevis. According to various records, the musician was born and bred in Britain, where he gained a huge chunk of his popularity.

Music has always been a passion of his, but as a boy, he also enjoyed the game of soccer. In fact, it was his intention to go into athletics and build a career thereof. That plan was thoroughly thwarted when he incurred an injury in his teens.

Before turning to music, he was in one turbulent situation after another. But he credits music for being a great way to overcome all the pain and troubles. Unfortunately at a young age, Simon Webbe had incurred his fair share of those. He managed to channel it all into his modeling career which then put him on the path to his music career. By the time he was in his early twenties, he was handpicked to join the British boy band, Blue.

Facts You Need To Know About Simon Webbe

He Became a Father at the Age of 17

Simon had his fair share of turbulent relationships when growing up. In fact, it was through one of these that he became a father at the young age of 17. The name of his daughter is Alanah Jones and there is no doubt that their relationship is solid. Evidently, he is still on good terms with her mother, his ex-girlfriend, Nicola Jones. While on the show Strictly Come Dancing in 2014, they were his support system.

Strictly Come Dancing Helped Him Conquer Depression 

Simon Webbe revealed that he was at a pretty low point in his life in the year 2014. In fact, he admitted to battling depression and suicidal thoughts. One of the things that kept him going throughout the difficult time was the show Strictly Come Dancing. Though he did not win, he is still remembered for the foxtrot that got him into the finals. Altogether, he admits that the show helped him regain a whole lot of confidence.

He Lost His Brother Tragically

Though he opened up about it a year later, the star lost his brother tragically in 2018. Apparently, Straon (his brother) was suffering from mental health issues and took his own life. The musician was quite shaken by it and even went on a social media hiatus. In a very touching post dedicated to his brother, he urged people to open up about their troubles before it’s too late.

He’s the First Member of His Band to Get Married

They were in a boy band, but the former members of the band, Blue, are no longer boys. A 40-year-old Simon Webbe proved this point when he tied the knot with his partner, Ayshen Kemal, on the 11th of August 2018. Among an array of guests were his bandmates or brothers as he likes to call them. They even serenaded the guests with some of their top hits at the reception.

His Wife Was In a Girl Band 

It would seem that theirs was a match made in ‘band heaven’. Back in the days, Ayshen was in the band called Fe-Nix. They met for the first time at the celebrity Soccer Six charity football tournament. After that, they bumped into each other on several occasions but nothing sparked until 2015.

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