SlayTitina Merch aka S L A Y T III N A Merch has been added to the market and the fans have flocked the store to get those beautiful clothes and other accessories that have been made available.

SlayTiiina is a Youtube personality, makeup guru, entrepreneur, and social media personality. He hasn’t made that lots of videos on his Youtube channel but he has lots of fans on her Instagram and people are ready to buy the products he has brought out.

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Felt cute, might go back for more filler later

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Slaytiiina Merch: Hoodies, Sweatshirts, T-shirt, and Associates

SlayTitina Merch is the same as most merchandise brought by social media personalities in the sense that popular fashion choices are present in the shops. Since, hoodies, T-shirts are worn by people across the cultures and are more popular, they are not missed on any merchandise.


Slaytiiina came out with these gorgeous hoodies that she has made available on his website as well as other vendors. These pink-colored hoodies have a very provocative phrase written on it- “Cunt Loading”. It just goes with his branding and his fans will understand what he meant with that.


He also has black colored sweatshirts on Amazon that is made in the USA. The sweatshirt is unisex and features a very colorful graphic of Slaytiiina’s persona in the upper region of the cloth. It is charming, fashionable, and most of all comfortable.

These sweatshirts are sadly unavailable in Amazon at the moment but these items could be in stock soon.


T-Shirts are another comfortable and casual piece of clothing that people all around the world wear. Slaytiiina has also made these beautiful half t-shirts available for her fans. At just $22.95-$42.95, these custom-designed T-shirts are really wonderful.

This is the cool design he has incorporated in the T-Shirt. Above his picture is the written word “Vodka tastes like holy water” which is yet another cool sentence to have in a T-Shirt.


On the official site of the Slayshop, there aren’t any accessories present as of now. However, there is a high demand for accessories in the merch. people really seem to associate themselves with the things they love and one of the ways is to buy accessories of celebrities you love.

On Amazon and RedBubble, I couldn’t find any accessories of the Slaytiiina merch but he could be coming ut with them in the near future.

Where Can I Get Slaytiiina Merch? Different Available Stores

If you want to get Slaytiiina merch, there are lots of places you could visit. Firstly, you could visit the official merchandise site that he has formed. He has provided the link for that on his Instagram.

Secondly, you could always search for products on Amazon. Some of the products might be out of stock but considering that Amazon is the largest e-commerce website in the world, it is definitely a nice place to buy his merchandise.

In the third place, you can also visit RedBubble, Etsy, and other independent online stores to get his merch. These sites are specialized to sell the merchandise of social media personalities because of which they are more popular than Amazon in some cases.

Who is Slaytiiina? Age, Bio And Life Details

Slaytiiina is a popular Youtube creator and social media personality. He loves doing makeup and has quite an androgynous feel to him. His female persona is central to his business and merchandise items.

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Sory za spam týmto lookom ale som OBSESSED

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We don’t know what his age is but he looks very young. He is quite confident and I am going to say, he is based in Slovakia because that’s where his Youtube channel says he is based in.

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