Sleepy Hallow’s net worth in 2020 has risen due to his growing popularity as a rapper. The New York City-based rapper is a childhood friend of Seff G and the dynamic duo are the rap industry’s greatest rappers. 

Quick Facts: Sleepy Hallow Net Worth 2020: How Rich Is Rapper Sleepy Hallow, Where is His Real Name?

Name Sleep Hallow (real name Tegan Chambers)
Birthday 1999
Age 21
Gender Male
Nationality American
Ethnicity African-American
Profession Rapper
Net Worth $700,000

Coming out of the Brooklyn rap scene, Sleepy is making waves with his new releases and is already a popular name. He is touted by critics to become a superstar rapper in the future

In a similar fashion to his close friend G, he is also a Brooklyn Drill rapper who has amassed a huge fortune and fan following in the USA. 

Sleepy Hallow Net Worth 2020

According to this source, Sleepy Hallow has a net worth of around $700,000 as of August 2020. The bulk of his fortune is thanks to his rap music and record sales. 

However, some other sources have reported that his net worth is much lower at around $250,000.  Still, the rapper might be earning the big bucks as he is a rising talent. 

Sleepy Hallow Real Name And Age

Sleepy Hallow is just a rapper name, he was originally born Tegan Chambers in Jamaica in 1999. He is 21 years old as of 2020. 

He grew up in the East Flatbush area of Brooklyn, a particularly rough neighborhood known for gang violence. Due to his surroundings, he also joined a gang when he was young with his friend Sheff G. 

He experienced the gang life early and had his fair share of brushes with the law too. There was also an incident in which a friend of theirs got stabbed in the head.

Although they said that they were used to the gang life and unbothered as they understood gang life was a tradition where they were born. 

G was also cut with a knife on his head while he was on probation where he got into a fight. 

Where is Sleepy Hallow aka Tegan Chambers From?

Chambers was born in Jamaica but maintains he is a spiritual native of the East Flatbush, Brooklyn borough. Most of his rap influences are from Chicago. He is a Chicago drill rapper but some of his inspirations are also from Brooklyn. 

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His family moved from Jamaica to Brooklyn when he was in early grade school. He is a first-generation immigrant and had to step down a class when coming to the USA. 

In an interview, the rapper said that due to his background, he mostly stayed with his head down in the corner of the classroom and did not really fit in. 

His first real friend was Sheff G who also came from an immigrant family. He considers G his brother.  

Does Sleepy Hallow Have A Girlfriend Or Wife?

His fans wonder, who is his girlfriend or wife? While Sleepy Hallow is a famous rapper and on top of the New York rap scene, there is little to no information about his love life and relationships in the public domain. 

As a matter of fact, the musician himself has maintained discretion about his personal relationships. Similarly, there is also no detail about when he will get married in the public domain.

Pioneering The Rise Of Brooklyn-Drill

Inspired by the sound of Chicago drill, the rapper and his friend are the artists who are bringing a new sub-genre of rap called Brooklyn-drill into the mainstream. 

With tracks like Breaking Bad (Okay) that has gathered more than 11 million views on YouTube, the two artists are truly the newest generation in rap and are bringing their own home-grown sound to the forefront.  

The tracks ‘Panic Part 2’ and ‘Panic Part 3,”  are also some of his popular tracks. 

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