Sol Rashidi

Sol Rashidi

Sol Rashidi is a Chief Data and Cognitive Officer who is currently working at Royal Caribbean Cruises. She also helps many institutions to set up the practice to apply a good method of teaching and learning machine learnings, data, and AI. She is of Persian- American ethnicity.

Quick Facts:

Name Sol Rashidi
Gender Female
Nationality American
Ethnicity Persian-American
Profession Thought Leader
Parents Persian-American Parents
Married/Single Married
Husband Drew Kevorkian
Children 2
Education UC Berkeley, Pepperdine University
Twitter @Sol_Rashidi
Facebook @sol.rashidi

She has also traveled to many countries because of her work but she is settled in New York where she is helping IBM lunch Watson to market. She did her MBA from Pepperdine University and completed her bachelor’s from UC Berkeley. She specializes in Big Data, Advanced Analytics, Robotics, Machine Learning space, and Data Science.

She also has received awards for her work. Awards she has received are America’s Leadership & Inclusive Award and Invention Achievement Award in 2010, 2011, 2013. She has also achieved a lot of certifications. She is Cyber Security SC103 certified, Master Data Management MDM100, MDM101, and MDM400 certified, and many more.

10 Facts About Sol Rashidi:

  1. Sol Rashidi seems to be in her thirties but we do not know about her actual age. 
  2. Also, we do not know about her actual height, weight, and other various body measurements. 
  3. We are also unknown about her exact date of birth currently. But, we do know that she was born in California, USA.
  4. She has been married to Drew Kevorkian.
  5. Sol and Drew share a total number of two children who are both young.
  6. There is no official Wikipedia page assigned to her. However, there is an EverybodyWiki page assigned to her where we can find out a lot about her. 
  7. Also, her bio can be found anywhere on the internet because of her famous personality.
  8. She is actually a Persian-American thought leader who has been currently working in the Data and A.I. space.
  9. Sol can be found active on Twitter as well as on Facebook.
  10. She has earned more than 50 followers on her private Twitter account and her Facebook account has been kept private. 


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