MacKensey Pulliam, the wife of the mayor of Sandy, Oregon, has shown her dissatisfaction about the Swingers Party Group news floating around Reddit and Instagram about them. 

Stan Pulliam is the mayor of Sandy town, situated in Oregon. He has announced his candidacy for Governor of Oregon in the upcoming election. He is from the Republican Party, and the primary election is scheduled to be held on May 17, 2022.

Recently, Stan Pulliam had admitted to being a member of a Portland-based swingers group on Facebook as his old chat screenshots related to the club resurfaced the internet. He said that he and his wife were members of the group back in 2016.

MacKensey Pulliam Reddit And Instagram: Her Reaction To the Swingers Party

A post screenshot of the mayor thanking and expressing their delightfulness to be a part of the group had been viral over the internet in the past couple of days.

Stan Pullian has admitted to it, saying that he is not ashamed and embraced it openly. Meanwhile, the news did not go down quickly to his wife, MacKensey. She steamed up over those Reddit and Instagram posts sharing the information and questioning their values.

She expressed her dissatisfaction with violating their privacy by posting their personal information, irrelevant to the public. While her husband had announced that he would be running for governor, such news might affect his image and reputation.

Mackensey showed her fuming disappointment over this matter as their private information and news is getting unwanted information at such a delicate time.

Many people had questioned their Christian values, and some even criticized them as not the ideal leaders for society.

Who Is MacKensey Pulliam? Meet Stan Pulliam and His Wife

MacKensey Pulliam is the First Lady of Sandy, Oregon, where her husband is the mayor.

She is a proud mother of two lovely daughters. Besides, she is quite active in serving society. She had a brief stint on the board of a local non-profit organization. She formerly served on the public charter school board where her daughters are enrolled.

MacKensey had previously made headlines for advocating for several Republican causes, including getting students back into the classroom after the epidemic.

Pulliam admitted that he and his wife had “explored relationships, mutual connections with other couples for a limited period of time before ultimately determining that it wasn’t for us.”

The 40-year-old sat next to his wife for a Zoom interview on Thursday afternoon. While he didn’t say when the “mutual interactions” started or concluded, he did say that 2016 was an accurate year and that their activities ceased well before he chose to run for governor.

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