Suzanne Scott Husband Wikipedia And Net Worth: Who Is She Married To?

Here are a few things to know about Suzanne Scott’s husband, Wikipedia, and Net Worth. The Fox News CEO, Suzanne Scott has extended her contract with the news network, meaning that she will continue delivering as the CEO of the network. 

Suzanne Scott is the current CEO of the Fox News Network. After she was promoted to the post of CEO in May 2018, she became the first female CEO of Fox. Besides, she is also the only female CEO of a top news network across the globe. 

Moreover, she is also the second CEO in the history of Fox. The News Corporation that is known for keeping its employees, has done it again. Suzanne Scott will continue serving as the CEO of Fox News as she extends her contract. 

Suzanne Scott Husband: Who Is She Married To?

Suzanne Scott has already tied the marital knots with her longtime boyfriend. She and her husband live in New Jersey. As for their children, they have a 14-year-old daughter. 

As the CEO has been a public figure in Roger’s sex accusations within the network, she knows how to keep her personal life away from her profession. Hence, she prefers not to talk about her family.

Suzanne Scott: Wikipedia And Net Worth

The Fox News CEO does have a well dedicated Wikipedia biography. The 54-year-old has not shared much to have plenty of information on her Wikipedia page though. 

Even though the exact figures of her salary are not disclosed, one can assume Suzanne Scott has a pretty decent net worth. After all, she is the CEO of a huge news network. 

Her Career At Fox News

Suzanne Scott has been with Fox News ever since its inception in 1996. She was the Executive Vice President of Programming before being promoted to the CEO. 

Prior to Fox, Suzanne Scott worked in CNBC as an executive assistant. Looks like she will have a long career as the CEO of Fox News Network. 


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