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Tellaman born Thelumusa Samuel Owen is a South African singer, songwriter and record producer. He is most known for a number one charting single by DJ Speedsta titled Mayo which features himself, Yung Swiss, Frank Casino & Shane Eagle. He has grown up in a musical background.

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The South African musician was born on 14 April 1991 in Durban, South Africa. As of 2019, he is 28 years old.

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His height is currently under review. This information will soon be updated.

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There is no provided information about his family. This information will soon be updated.

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The South African musician has been concentrating on his career and growing it doing tours all over. There is no provided information about his previous relationships. This information will soon be updated.

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Tellaman God Decides

God Decides is his album which was released on 1 February 2019 and consists of R&B and Soul songs. It was produced by Universal Music (Pty) Ltd. It consists of songs like:

Head Over Heels (Skit)Are You With ItNo Sharing (The Distance)WhippedWorld War iii (Skit)ExtraCalm DownContemplatingThe Fall Out (Skit)Crew LitPettyIf I Had A TypeHit Me Up +27737088688Rainbow HoesSpilt Milk (Skit)Own UpCross My HeartNote To Self (UDI)Perfect Ain’t Coming But We’ll Be AlrightPractice

Tellaman Ft Nasty C

Tellaman Album

He released his first album in 2012 and was titled Over You. He later released Lucid Dream and SAP(feat NAsty C & Da Les) in 2017. In 2019, he has released four albums. they are God Decides, BottlebrushStr, Hit Me Up +27737088688 and Whipped as of June. He also released an album titled Mayo which is the undefined date of production.

Tellaman SAP Lyrics

Read “S.A.P” by Tellaman on Genius

Tellaman Whipped Lyrics|Ft Shekhinah Nasty C Whipped Lyrics

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Tellaman No Sharing

Tellaman Songs

His songs include:

Whipped 2019 Rainbow Hoes 2019 Perfect Ain’t Coming But We’ll Be Alright 2019 Happy Juice 2019 Note To Self (UDI) 2019 Hit Me Up +27737088688 2019 Extra 2019 Own Up 2019 Mayo 2019 If I Had A Type 2019 World War iii (Skit) 2019 Spilt Milk (Skit) 2019 Calm Down 2019 The Fall Out (Skit) 2019 Contemplating 2019 Head Over Heels (Skit) 2019 Petty 2019 Practice 2019 Cross My Heart 2019 Are You With It 2019 No Sharing 2019 Low Low 2019 Mind Your Own 2019 Crew Lit 2019 Dynamite 2019 Up & Down 2019 Right Now 2019 Don’t BAB (The Ivyson Tour) 2018 ISSA Vibe 2018 Catch It 2018 Dance 2017 SAP 2017 Alcohol & Problems 2017 No Excuse 2017 I’m Gone 2017 On Some 2017 Wena 2017 Same for You 2017 Defeated 2017 Get It 2017 Overload 2016 ILokishi 2016 25 2016 Complicated 2016 Act Like 2016 Noma Kanjan 2016 Don’t Do It 2016 Drinks & Music (Extended Mix) 2015 That Girl (Jonny Miller Remix) 2013 Over You 2012

Tellaman New Album

His latest album is called God decides. See above for more information

Tellaman Rainbow Hoes LyricsTellaman Ft Nasty C Rainbow Hoes Lyrics

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Tellaman Note To Self Lyrics

Tellaman Own Up Lyrics

Read “Own Up” by Tellaman on Genius

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Tellaman Interview

Tellaman’s ‘God Decides’ Explores the Ups & Downs of Love While Dream Chasing

Any religious sentiments from an artist known for his overtly sexual lyrics were always going to raise eyebrows. Regardless, a conceptually-driven album guarantees a spin over here, even more so when you take into account South Africa’s hs impressive roster of collaborations including DJ Speedsta (“Mayo”), Kwesta (“Act Like”) and frequent work with Nasty (“Don’t B.A.B.”).

God Decides is a nod to his journey, as well as the trajectory of his personal relationships. The new album serves as the Durban native’s latest opportunity to exhibit a body of work after Lucid Dream and Mind vs Heart. The 27-year-old singer, producer, and songwriter, born Thulumusa Samuel Owen, breaks down the album’s concept via an e-mail to OkayAfrica: “God Decides is about Tellaman meeting a girl he loves while trying to make it as a musician and trying to make both works. But at some point, she fails to understand that the industry gets the best of me. Being in a relationship and trying to make it as a musician is a very hard thing to pull off, and as a matter of fact I haven’t figured it out yet.”

Accordingly, the album is based on a previous relationship and incorporates skits from different vantage points, lending it a balanced perspective. What Tellaman achieves throughout this listen is maintaining an uptempo vibe despite exploring varied subject matter. Tracks like “Extra,” “Calm Down,” “Contemplating” and “Own Up,” for example, tackle the hardships faced in young relationships. These songs still manage to bop while addressing infidelity, feuding, temptation and accountability.

His sonic touch, meanwhile, is pretty clear on the ditty “Cross My Heart,” which shares its tropical orientation with the opening half of “No Sharing (The Distance).” The radio friendliness continues on the compelling “Whipped,” which features Nasty C and Shekhinah. That sunny disposition is traded for the dim lights of the club as the bass-heavy “Hit Me Up” sees Tellaman croon the risqué lyrics; “Thinking ’bout excuses for your daddy and your mum/ I will touch you so good they’ll see it in your strut.”

That sexually charged energy is matched on “If I Had A Type,” another visceral banger. In keeping with his influences—Kehlani, London, Young Thug and Future, among others—Tellaman evokes emotion by not shying away from any topics, explicit or not. It’s something he believes is central to R&B; and a trait espoused by older artists he admires like T-Pain and producer Darkchild. At many moments of God Decides Tellaman gets introspective and ties the album’s undertone of pre-destiny together.

“Note To Self (UDI)” is a self-reflexive ballad featuring Rowlene. It’s perhaps the song most emblematic of the album; expressing views on life and love in the same breath. It also lets us into the personal nature of God Decides. “I talk about a lot of different things in my music, good and bad. Those things are what’s going on or what has been going on in my life,” he reveals. On “Perfect Ain’t Coming,” the artist addresses the translucence of fame with the lyrics: “No halos above me, just my bros beside me and these flaws I got.”

These lines are symbolic of his self-awareness, but more especially, display the rhythmic flows he employs throughout the project. This is where his versatility shines through, informed by his exposure to multiple genres. “My sound is R&B;,” Tellaman says. “I just love exploring and trying to find and learn new things, so I feel like if you put a specific style or genre to your music, that’s when you start being in a box. This is just the way I feel about me and my music.” It’s definitely R&B; with a smidgeon of house, Afropop and hip-hop. “Are You With It” makes a solid case for the album’s standout record. The sample of Keith Sweat’s “Twisted” is simultaneously current and nostalgic.

Perhaps that’s the best thing about God Decides: it’s sonically-varied yet conceptually tight and draws from tradition while remaining atypical. And although no one can control every aspect of their lives and God ultimately does Decide, this project proves that Tellaman has a firm grasp of his musical talents. Now let the church say, “Amen!”

Source: Okay Africa

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