Terica Ellis

Terica Ellis is an American criminal and former exotic dancer. She was charged with conspiring the murder of Andre Montgomery. 

Quick Facts: Terica Ellis

Name Terica Ellis
Age 33-38 years
Gender Female
Height Around 5 feet 6 inches
Nationality American
Ethnicity Black
Profession Dancer

After nearly 4 years of investigation, the police found multiple pieces of evidence of involvement of both Ellis and Norman in the notorious crime.

Moreover, both crime partners were recently arrested by the police. 

10 Facts on Terica Ellis

  1. Terica Ellis is a convicted American criminal and James Norman‘s accomplice. James is one of the stars of the show, Sweetie Pie. They were charged with conspiring the death of 21 years old Andre Montgomery. 
  2. It is alleged that Terica and James used commerce facilities to commission for murder. This resulted in the untimely demise of young Andre in 2016.  
  3. Records showed that Terica was involved in multiple phone calls with James before the murder. Moreover, she also communicated with Andre to know his location. 
  4. Montgomery was Norman’s own nephew. As a matter of fact, James owned life insurance of $450k after his death. Furthermore, Ellis also received multiple bank transactions after the murder. 
  5. Following her bio, Terica was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee. Hence, she is American by nationality. Furthermore, her ethnicity is black. 
  6. Terica looks around the age of her 30’s. Likewise, her partner, James,  is 41 years old. However, her birthday and zodiac sign are currently off the web.
  7. Ellis was an exotic dancer by her profession. However, she is under police interrogation for now. In fact, she may be sentenced to years in prison for her crime.
  8. Terica used to live a very reserved life. So, details about her boyfriend, parents, and other family members are hidden from the public. 
  9. Before the murder, Terica’s bank balance was in minus. However, after the murder, she deposited several cheques of $9,000 dollars in various bank accounts.
  10. Ellis’s privacy is now protected by the law. This explains her absence from Instagram and Twitter. 


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