TikTok Curly Hair Hack and Routine Explained: How To Do The Viral Hair Curly Challenge?

TikTok Curly Hair Hack is a beauty hack from the video-sharing platform. More and more people are getting beauty tips. In fact, whole channels on the platform have taken to share their beauty tips on TikTok. 

The tip turned into a trend in quarantine due to its simplicity and appeal. As a matter of fact, the simple hack has even astonished celebrity hairstylists and beauty icons. 

TikTok Curly Hair Hack

Hair hacks and beauty tricks have become a part of TikTok, like beauty YouTubers, there are a lot of beauty TikTokers on the platform. 

The hack is a simple way of curling hair using a cloth or a piece of fabric. Almost any type of cloth like a stocking or a dressing gown belt.

It became especially popular as salons all around the world closed due to the lockdown restrictions following the coronavirus pandemic. While most curling requires heat, chemicals, or pain and in some cases all 3, this method has stunned people with its simplicity. 

The only requirement for the small hack is a piece of cloth. A huge number of TikTokers and social media influencers have taken to their respective platforms to do their version of the hack. 

Not only on TikTok but the hack became a challenge and trend almost overnight. 

TikTok Curly Hair Routine

Hair routines are a big part of the beauty cycles of everyone. Likewise, many people want to have curls, creators on the platform have made this easy for enthusiasts who want to curl their hair. 

Some creators’ videos have been watched more than 2 million times. TikTokers call the routine diffusing hair, and it has blown up on social media. The original routine was made by a creator named Justine Marjan. 

The original video by Justine Marjan, has gathered over 2.5 million likes on the platform since it came out in February 2020, just before the beginning of lockdown. 


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♬ Renee – Sales

In her video, the creator uses a piece of cloth, in this case, a sock, on her hair. Then she fixes it on to her hair using a clip and starts twirling her hair around the cloth.  

After using the products, she brushes her hair and says that all kinds of brushes can be used. Not stopping there the creator ties the socks in the ends of her hair. 

Then, the video transitions to show her the next day when she takes the socks off and her hair has curls. 

How To Do The Viral Hair Curly Hack Challenge on TikTok? 

Here are the steps to use a fabric to get heatless curls.

  1. First, get a piece of cloth, preferably one that doesn’t shed and is at least the length of her hair. 
  2. Some creators suggest that the cloth should be rolled to make it easier.
  3. Then, the cloth should be clipped to the top of the scalp using pins or just a hairclip. 
  4. After this, take the hair and twirl it around the sock. 
  5. Essentially, the fabric acts as a third strand in which the hair is twirled around.  
  6. Justine Marjan suggests that the twirls should be slept on and the full effect will be found in the morning. 

You can use the hashtag, heatlesscurls, and add it to your video so that it gets added to the thousands of videos that have gathered more than 73.9 million views. 

Hayden Bagby is one of the creators whose video has gathered the most views and likes. Her heatless curl video on the platform has gathered almost 300k views as of July 2020.  


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♬ Party Girl – StaySolidRocky

Creator trinkoehler’s video has also been liked more than 350k times, it is one of the biggest trends to hit TikTok this year. 


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♬ DUET THIS TRY IT – trinkoehler


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