The recent TikTok trend, Hat Flick is storming on the internet but does it have a racist meaning? Know about the latest TikTok trend here. 

Trends and Challenges are those that make TikTok one of the most interesting social media platforms. Every other day, a TikTok user keeps coming up with a trend that is so fun and meaningful as well. 

And just like that, the Hat Flick trend is garnering a lot of attention on TikTok nowadays. Here is the complete meaning behind the trend. 

TikTok: Does Hat Flick Have A Racist Meaning?

Normally, the Hat Flick doesn’t have a racist meaning at all. But some people use it to reflect offensive racism. Hence, it is better you consider the audience before using the word “hat flick.”

But the main purpose of the Hat Flick trend is to spread fun and happiness disregarding the racism part.  If you perform the challenge once, it can be quite engaging and interesting. 


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What Does Hat Flick Mean On Urban Dictionary?

On Urban Dictionary, the term hat flick has different meanings. For Instance, it means a polite gesture of hello to other people. This gesture is very common in country areas, especially in Southern Texas. 

Urban Dictionary also describes “hat flick” to be a racist comment. It can be used to strengthen your offensive racist message to someone. 


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Hat Flick Meaning Explained In Text

If you are texting someone, it is better not to use the term “hat flick.” It is because there is a maximum probability that your comment will reflect racism. 

But performing the trend is an entirely different thing. Making a video with a gesture of hat flick resembles polite welcome and sometimes, goodbye. 

This hat flick gesture is very popular in the country areas. People flick their cowboy hats mostly, but on TikTok, you can find creators flicking the normal hat as well.  Nonetheless, the trend is quite fun. 

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