Do you know how to do the Dolphin Dance on TikTok? Well, if you are active on the social app, you might have heard of this Dolphin Dace. TikTok has been a trendsetter of challenges and trends and this Dolphin Dance just ads another space on TikTok trends to go with. 

TikTok is doing a great job, keeping the internet busy amid the COVID-19 outbreak. Who else needs a reason to stay home and try something new. While it is not safe to go out in public, it is always better to stay home. And if you get to know how you can do the Dolphin Dance on TikTok, you will clearly stay put.

So, wanna learn ho to do TikTok Dolphin Dance? Find out the steps here.

How To Do Dolphin Dance From TikTok?

If you love TikTok trends, you would not want to miss out on the new Dolphin Dance on TikTok. After all, this one seems quite impressive. You might have seen some YouTube videos looking for TikTok Dolphin Dance Tutorial. If you have, that’s good. If not, save your time for now as your Dolphin Dance tutorial is right here.

Dolphin Dance is a fun dance to learn and this new TikTok challenge is for every TikTok user to take. Well, you would not want to miss out on something that’s trending on TikTok, right?

  • Here are your simple steps to do the TikTok Dolphin Dance.
  • First, stand straight and relax your full body. Just be ready to roll your body to a good extent.
  • Bend your knees and don’t bend too deep
  • Roll your body upward and start from your legs-mid section
  • Then hop

These are all the steps you need to keep in your mind to do the Dolphin Dance from TikTok. After you get these steps correctly, then mix all these steps and perform these successively. Your Dolphin Dance from TikTok is as good as done, then. Isn’t it easy?


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♬ 原聲 – Mj.无名氏

You might find this Dolphin Dance somehow resonating with Bunny Hop Dance from TikTok. Are you? Find out if Dolphin Dance is similar to Bunny Hop Dance from TikTok?

Is Dolphin Dance is similar to Bunny Hop Dance from TikTok?

Bunny Hop Dance is another popular TikTok dances that made it to the social app in 2020. Before TikTok users came up with Dolphin Dance, Bunny Hop Dance has entertained a lot of TikTok users. If seeing hop world related to both these TikTok daces make you wonder if these two TikTok dances are similar, it is not.

And if we may say this, Bunny Hop Dance from TikTok is quite easy than Dolphin Dance from TikTok. To do the Bunny Hop Dance, you don’t need to do all the bending things and rolling your body upwards.

To do Bunny Hop Dance, you need to move your body back and forth in a linear axis. Then you need to move your hands up and down in a proper rhythm. Or to do Bunny Hop  Dance you can simply move your body the same way bunny does. Check this video to find out how you can do Bunny Hop Dance from TikTok.


Happy Easter

♬ Bunny Hop – Kids Dance Masters

Clearly, Dolphin Dance from TikTok is not similar to Bunny Hop Dance from TikTok, right? Anyway, both Dolphin Dance and Bunny Hop Dance can entertain you. And if you wish to, you can try out both. You already have the Dolphin Dance tutorial. 

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