Fist Profile picture is one of the new trends on TikTok. There have always been different trends to follow on TikTok. However, this fist Trend is a unique one. 

The TikTokers has been using black and white fist as a profile picture on TikTok. It seems to have both positive as well as negative effects.

Fist Profile Picture Meaning

People have been uploading black and white fist as a profile picture on TikTok social media. It is also one of the recent trends of TikTok. This Trend is for the significance of the Black Lives Matter 2 Movement. It is also known as BLM Movement. It is also regarded as one of the political trends. This trend became popular on TikTok to raise awareness of the Black Lives Matter Movement. BLM is one of the major discussion in American politics.

The Fist Profile Picture is just a trend followed by people in TikTok as activism. Its main purpose was to spread Black Lives’ Movement positivity.

What is Black and White Fist Profile Pic?

Black and White fist pictures are just an imagery contrast between two colors black and the other white. This color is used to signify racial inequality in America. It signifies the struggle of black people over white people in the United States. 

The trend on TikTok 2020

TikTok app is always known for its trends. However, who started the trend of the Fist profile picture is not known. But how the trend started is available. It started when Ahmed Arbery was murdered. He was murdered by a duo of father and son in Georgia while jogging. This trend got popular when the black guy was murdered for no reason while jogging while the murderer was not arrested for more than two months.

BLM Movement

BLM Movent has both positive and negative supported. Some people think this movement to create more racial differences. While some think of it as a positive moment to decrease racial inequality.


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