TikTok Slang Words Meaning Explained: Slang Words From TikTok List

Tik Tok slang words are those words invented by teenagers which they use to have a conversation. Lots of older people have problem with this and think it’s a murder of the language but in my opinion, language is created to communicate and there’s nothing wrong with using slangs if they can understand what each other are saying.

Gen Z people are mostly known for creating slangs and this became popular extensively because of the internet, messaging apps, and so on. Because while texting, it is much easier to say “Gn” rather than Good Night. Moreover, memes also popularize this trend of using slang words.

Tik Tok Slang Words

Slangs are the words that are informal and used by a specific group of people by recontextualizing the meaning of a particular word- especially by making it short. Slangs on Tik Tok are the same as slangs elsewhere. These slang words are used all over the internet- memes, messaging, texting, and definitely Tik Tok and other video sharing apps.


🎃👻🎃 ##boo ##fyp ##foryou ##halloween ##funny ##thisishalloween ##trend ##viral ##comedey ##skit ##candy ##kids ##trickortreat ##lol ##oop

♬ original sound – steven.vu8

If you look at this video, you will find #lol and #oop in the hashtags section. These both are slang words. Lol means Laugh out Lous and it is used to represent a situation so funny that you have to laugh out loud.

Similarly, oop means Out Of Place. It means a mistake or an awkward situation. So if teenagers need to say something is awkward and a little abnormal, they say it’s out of place aka OOP!!


##Adulting is hard okay? 😂 stay young forever! ##Comedy what chore do you hate most?

♬ original sound – ash_lay

In this video, the concept of adulting is talked about. Adulting is also a slang term used to describe the process of growing up and becoming an adult person. it’s an informal term but used on Tik Tok and other places on the internet widely.

Tik Tok Slang Meaning Explained

It’s not that hard to understand the meaning of slang words on Tik Tok. The rise of slang words to prominence is also due to the use of hashtags on Tik Tok. Because hashtags are important ways to make your video viral, people used hashtags and they sort of became these slang terms. For eg: it is much easier to say #oop rather than #awkward or #outofplace.

But the real reason and the most important reason behind using slang is just how easy it is to communicate with slangs. Different slang terms have their own meanings and sometimes same slang terms also have different meanings depending upon the context it’s being used in.


##police ##bts ##kpop ##stan ##fyp ##wintersports ##eboy ##foru ##foryopage

♬ original sound – singlemom4207

In this video, we see the use of word stan which is another popular internet slang. Kpo stan means obsessive fans of the Kpop music.

You can look at an online dictionary and determine the meanings of these slang words for yourself whenever you need it.

Tik Tok Slang Words List

Here are some slang words used in Tik Tok with their meanings as well:

  1. Periodt: When you use “periodt” at the end of the sentence, it means that the discussion is now over and they have made their point and it is absolutely inflexible.
  2. Fire: You use Fire to communicate how great someone is looking. For eg: Your outfit is absolutely on fire.
  3. Shade: Throwing shade on Tik Tok means insulting someone or commenting on someone’s stupidity by criticizing them.
  4. Rad: Rad also is used to saying great something looks. For eg: Your outfit looks rad bro.
  5. Flex: Flex means showing off something.
  6. Slay: To slay means really succeeding at something.
  7. Lit: Lit also means cool and great.
  8. Stan: Stan means obsessively being a fan of someone. For eg: A Shawn Mendes stan.

If you want to check out other slangs, you can find it all over the internet. And you can test how good you are at slangs using this quiz.


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