TikTok Tape Measure Challenge Explained: How To Do Tape Challenge On TikTok?

Whoever started this “Tape measure challenge” on TikTok is cruel however it is undeniably a really hilarious challenge.

TikTok Tape measure challenge is a kind of prank challenge that is going viral on TikTok lately. This tape measure challenge is usually done by female TikTok users on their boyfriends but can be done on any other friends too. 

The prank basically involves the use of a measuring tape and it seems innocent at first but then the one who is getting pranked is hurt, actually, badly hurt.

Here is everything you need to know about this TikTok tape measure challenge.

What is the TikTok Tape Measure Challenge?

The TikTok tape measure challenge is somewhat similar to the “Backward Hoodie Fridge” challenge. In that challenge, you stand in front of the fridge wearing your hoodie backward and when your partner comes to the kitchen they think that it is your back while smacking you but as it’s not, the person gets smack in their private area.

Well, this prank is not that similar because there is no risk of getting hurt for the one doing the prank and it is the other way around. Did you get a slight idea about the prank now?  Yes, the TikTok Tape measure challenge involves getting hurt in the sensitive body part. 


His phone – now his nut sack. Why does he still love me 😂😂 ##tapemeasurechallenge ##boyfriendprank ##prankwars ##trending

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How to do the TikTok Tape Measure Challenge?

This TikTok Tape Measure Challenge is a type of couple prank that involves you taking a close reeled measuring tape.

Then on the tune of some music, you start making a TikTok video of you and your boyfriend while pretending to measure the size of his face and upper body by stretching the tape roll out. Then you suddenly leave the other hand causing the tape roll to hit your man’s sensitive body part (right below is stomach).

That might have hurt a lot, but that exactly is the challenge, to see the painful reaction of your boyfriend after getting hit in his private part. Very Cruel, don’t you think? But it is getting really viral on Tiktok and there are numerous such videos with over 38.4 million views under the hashtag #tapemeasurechallenge. 

It is not just boyfriends that are being the victim of his hilarious prank because some are even doing this on their dads. Watch this video below in which that poor dad wanted to be on TikTok, but I guess now he is already over it.


My dad wanted to be in a tik tok 😂 ##tapemeasurechallenge ##fyp

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Is it related to ‘The Electric Tape Challenge’?

Recently another TikTok challenge called “The Electric Tape Challenge” is also getting popular on TikTok. Although the name sounds similar, it is not the same challenge. The Electric Tape Challenge is controversially inappropriate and many people were cringing over that challenge.

The electric tape dance challenge involved using an electric tape just to cover the nipples while showing your nude body. So that is something unacceptable, inappropriate, and cringeworthy to many TikTok users. But the tape measure challenge is not that inappropriate like Electric Tape Challenge. 

Well arguably some of the ‘boyfriends’ might say that this TikTok Tape measure challenge is also inappropriate but hey, it’s them who got fooled right? They should have seen it coming.

But I sincerely like to believe that even in this Tape measure challenge, the male counterparts are previously informed about what is going to happen so they are prepared for it and their reactions are just for the sake of making the TikTok videos comical.


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