TikTok: Target Date Night Challenge List Explained

TikTok: Target Date Night Challenge is a new viral challenge going on TikTok that is pretty fun to do with your partner especially during this quarantine.

Target Date Night Challenge on TikTok involves you to buy the things for your partner from the TikTok Target Date Night Challenge list and impress each other while having fun.

You guys must have been bored at your home because of coronavirus quarantine but TikTok is there for you. If you are stuck together with your partner then this quarantine can be much more fun with TikTok. There are many couples challenges on TikTok like the naked challenge, the backward hoodie and fridge challenge, the filming your SO while you dance challenge, facetime prank challenge, and many dance challenges

This Target Date Night Challenge on TikTok is also one of such fun challenges. You may not be able to go to your typical normal dates to restaurants but that doesn’t mean you cannot go to fun dates with your boyfriend/girlfriend. This might be our new normal where we can do the Target Date Night Challenge at our home that involves Target or any other supermarkets.

What is the TikTok: Target Date Night Challenge? 

When this Target Date Night Challenge first arrived on TikTok, people were mostly making videos while they were out shopping with their partner in the supermarket.

This involved individuals strolling down the various aisles of Target swinging their arms up and down the racks without seeing the products. Meanwhile, their partner is filming them and orders them to stop swinging their hand. Now, they should buy the product where the hands pointed when they stop. After doing this several times in different categories of the supermarket, you would get many things prepared for your perfect date night.


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But now, this viral challenge has a little twist. Many of the couples realized that letting just “Chance” decide what to buy for their date night is something impractical. So they decided to do “The date night challenge” by buying the practical and useful things for each other. They do that by following a TikTok Target date night challenge list.

TikTok: Target Date Night Challenge List Explained

In this new version of Target Date night challenge, couples buy the favorite things for their significant other by following the list. This list usually consists of the items mentioned below.

  1. Favorite Snack
  2. Favorite Drink
  3. Favorite Color
  4. Something they need
  5. Something that reminds you of the other
  6. Something you want the other to try
  7. Something you need for the house

The list can go on if you want to add some more items to it personally but most of them are doing the challenge by buying these above-mentioned items.


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How to do this Target Date Night Challenge on TikTok?

Okay now you already know what the Target Date Night Challenge is and you also know the items of the list. So you should give it a try too.

All you have to do is go to Target or any other supermarket with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Then take the list and start shopping separately. Meet each other after you are done and go home.

Now you can show each of the items you brought while filming for TikTok and see what your significant other bought.

You might even end up laughing all night when you see the things bought by your partner, especially when they don’t exactly know what your favorite thing is. It is also a type of test for couples on how much they know each other. Isn’t it one of the cutest dating ideas even if it was not during the coronavirus pandemic? 


This was fun to do 😂 ##target ##targetdatechallenge ##datenight ##boredinquarantine

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