TikTok: What Is Fun Fact Actually Really Really Sad Fact Trend: How To Do This Online?

TikTok has another trend called “Fun Fact Actually Really Really Sad Fact” which is sure to make you laugh out loud.

Users on the TikTok platform have gotten creative about exposing their shortcomings to make for a great comedy video. 

People are using the caption in their videos to showcase something that they are not proud of. One of the most famous uses of the caption was about not knowing how to swim. Similarly, people have made the video on their own ignorance. 

Some of the most popular TikTokers are also getting in on the trend and letting their fans know about some of their problems. 

Fun Fact Actually Really Really Sad Fact TikTok Trend: Explained

Celebrities and influencers often share their talents by prefacing it with “fun fact” and people on TikTok have built upon this by introducing their own twist to and making it usable for telling their short-comings. 


@https…hxrder why 😭 ##fyp ##fypシ ##funfactactuallyreallysadfact ##icantswim ##😻❤️ ##😾❤️

♬ original sound – waifu..bitch

Now on TikTok and other most social media, users are captioning a video of them doing a task that they are not good at and captioning it with “Fun Fact Actually Really Really Sad Fact” after this they will say something like, ‘i can’t swim’.


##greenscreen ##ColorSelector ##TimeforTENET ##MeTime ##funfactactuallyreallysadfact

♬ Ashes – Stellar

Some users have also used self-deprecation to insult their own editing skills. Different variations of the challenge have popped up all over the internet. As mentioned above, one of the, if not the most popular one, is the “I can’t swim” version of the challenge. 

Apart from this, an alternative part of this trend is the videos that people make on one of Teala Dunn‘s videos where she says the phrase that has become the trend. In fact, the trend first started with her. 

Who Started The Fun Fact Actually Really Really Sad Fact Trend

The trend all started when a TikToker by the name of Teala Dunn aka Ttlyteala as she is known on her TikTok account. In the original video, she is standing in front of a pool and wearing a bikini as she tells her fans “fun fact actually really really sad fact, I cannot swim”. 


Someone please teach me

♬ original sound – ttlyteala

Her video has since gotten more than 20 million views on the platform. Numerous people have also dueted with the original and it has become a running light-hearted joke about the way she turns around to ‘reveal’ herself. 


lmaooo no hate just thought it was funny 💀 ##tealadunn ##funfactactuallyreallysadfact

♬ original sound – ttlyteala

As a matter of fact, various creators are using her original video to make a joke on her and pull her leg. She has also made fun of herself and given the trend even more comic power. Later, she also made videos making fun of the people who dueted with her. 

How To Do TikTok’s Fun Fact Actually Really Really Sad Fact Trend?

Unlike other challenges on the platform, this is really easy and doesn’t even require any filters or effects, depending on the user, the challenge can be as simple as you want. If you want to do this challenge you can watch the original video as mentioned above and duet with it or use their sound. If you want to create your own video then follow these steps in order to do the challenge. 

  1. Open TikTok and navigate to the camera, there use the camera and start filming.
  2. Then, do a task relating to something you can’t do and tell your fans about it in the video and in the caption, for example, caption a video of you trying to ride a bicycle with Fun Fact Actually Really Really Sad Fact… I can’t ride a bike. 
  3. After this, you can use the original soundtrack from the video that started it all.   
  4. You can also use the #funfactactuallyreallysadfact to make it authentic. 





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