TikTok: What Is ttvieweronline? Is It Safe To Open? Reviews

What Is ttvieweronline aka ttonlineviewer? Well, simply it’s a website that allows you to watch TikTok videos without an account. It is a bit redundant as the official TikTok website allows you to do basically the same things. 

There are some concerns about the site as it is considered a security threat that makes the user prone to getting hacked but more on that later. First, what exactly is the website that offers this service? 

What Is ttvieweronline aka ttonlineviewer?

As the name suggests, the ttvieweronline site allows users to view TikTok videos online without an account or app. Even the URL of the site is an abbreviation of TikTok Viewer online or TikTok online Viewer which is the ‘service’, it provides.  


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The official TikTok website already provides this service and many people raised the question as to why ttvieweronline existed. As a matter of fact, the only things that people without an account on TikTok cannot do are watch live videos, follow users, see likes and comments, or post videos. 


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There is no restriction to accountless users to watch TikTok videos using the official website itself. This also raised the concern of users who are worried it might be a scam or a potential hacking ploy. 

Is ttvieweronline Safe To Open?

As always it is best to use the official apps and sites of services, and TikTok already provides all the services on its official site. In fact, using the site doesn’t have any discernable advantage over using the official website.


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Ttvieweronline uses secure SSL certificates on its website but members of the programming community are concerned that it may be an elaborate way of exploiting unwary users. In fact, some believe that its site is based on a hackable web template found on GitHub.

It is better to use the tried and true official way rather than using this web app because it has not been deemed fully safe. 

Some users have also experienced the ‘Your connection is not private’ error while trying to open TikTok and the site together, a message on Chrome clearly shows warns users that someone might be trying to steal data.

Speaking from personal experience, banking information, location, sensitive information about the user, ad cookies, are at risk from such attacks so we suggest you to be careful and refrain from using third-party sites to access what is already available via the admin-approved official site. 



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