Tim Kendall is an American businessman. He is Facebook’s Former Executive and ex-president of Pinterest.

Quick Facts: Tim Kendall

Name Tim Kendall
Age 43 years
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession CEO
Education Stanford University
Twitter @tkendall

Tim is one of the interview casts of the new Netflix’s series “The Social Dilemma”. The documentary released on September 9, 2020. 

Furthermore, it provides information on how social media is hampering mental health these days. 

10 Facts on Tim Kendall

  1. Tim Kendall is Facebook’s Former Executive. Talking about his age, Tim is 43 years old as of 2020. However, his official date of birth and zodiac sign is not available. 
  2. Although Tim Kendall appeared in the new Netflix’s series “The Social Dilemma“, his Wikipedia page is still not written. 
  3. Tim is currently a job holder at “Moment”. As a matter of fact, he is the CEO of the company that targets promoting internet-free life. 
  4. Despite being a social media expert, Kendall himself isn’t that social in real life. Moreover, Tim rarely talks about his wife and children. 
  5. Tim currently resides in his huge mansion at San Fransico Bay Area. Likewise, his ethnicity is Caucasian. But, information about his parents is not disclosed. 
  6. Kendall’s first gained his career experience while studying Industrial Engineering at Stanford University. Furthermore, he later attended the same college to pursue his MBA degree.
  7. Soon after his master’s graduation, Tim was hired at Facebook as the Director of Monetization. Likewise, he designed products for facebook that generated revenue to the company.
  8.  After his departure from Facebook, Tim became the Head of Product for Pinterest. Moreover, he was finally appointed as the president of the company in 2015.
  9. During his tenure at Pinterest, the company value grew up to $500 million dollars. This gives an idea that Tim’s Net Worth is in millions as of 2020. 
  10. Tim seems only active on Twitter. Furthermore, his last tweet on @tkendall dates back to 2012. However, he is taking a social break right now. 

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