Toni Petersson Ethnicity Explored: Get To Know Oatly CEO And Controversy

Toni Petersson is the CEO of Oatly, a Swedish food company. Oatly’s most popular products are oat milk and oat milk ice creams. Petersson has worked with several companies such as Boblblee, Koi Concept, Koi Brands, and several others as their founder and CEO

Toni went to IHM business school and graduated with a degree in marketing strategy. Petersson trained from the Mercuri International Business Academy. At Executive Foundation Lund, he studied management, strategy, finance, and marketing.

Quick Facts: Toni Petersson Ethnicity Explored: Get To Know Oatly CEO And Controversy

Name Toni Petersson
Age 52
Nationality Swedish
Profession CEO
Education IHM business school

10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Toni Petersson 

  1. The current age of the CEO of Oatly is 52 years. Petersson’s exact date of birth is not present yet.
  2. Toni Petersson’s nationality is Swedish. His ethnicity is half Japanese and half Swedish.
  3. The net worth and salary of Toni Petersson are still under review. The company, Oatly’s net worth is valued at $2 billion, reports Fortune.
  4. After being appointed as the CEO of Oatly in December 2012, Petersson redesigned Oatlay’s milk cartons and the whole business plan. Toni focused on the minimalistic typeset for the product.
  5. According to The List, Toni landed himself in a controversy after Oatly’s Super Bowl ad aired. The ad featured Toni Petersson singing “wow, no cow,” and the ad was filmed in 2014.
  6. Petersson is an unconventional CEO, and the advertisement is definitely catchy, but it is unclear if people would want to buy the product. 
  7. Toni Petersson is yet to have a Wikipedia page dedicated to him. One can read Toni’s bio in a couple of Wiki-bio pages.
  8. Who is Toni Petersson married to? Toni has not given any details about his marital life or his wife’s name to the media.
  9. Toni Petersson lives a very private life and is yet to disclose any information about his family, children, parents, siblings, and background.
  10. Toni Petersson appeared in several Oatly commercials where he talks about oat milk, the taste, and obscurity. The advertisements for Oatly are unusual and different.


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