Valéria Alcântara: 10 Facts on Thiago Alcântara’s Mother

Valeria Alcantara is the mother of the famous Football player Thiago Alcantara. Thiago is one of the underrated football players who has recently gotten recognition after the epic match of Bayern Munich in the Champion’s League. Thiago is a Spanish-Brazilian professional footballer from Bayern Munich who recently joined the Liverpool club.

Thiago’s mother, Valeria herself is also an athlete and a former Volleyball player. She has given all the support Thiago needed to pursue his career in sports. Valeria didn’t let him abandon his dreams and aspirations and stood by him helping to face all the hurdles and challenges of his life.

Quick Facts: Valéria Alcântara: 10 Facts on Thiago Alcântara”s Mother

Name Valéria Alcântara
Gender Female
Nationality Brazillian
Divorce Mazinho
Instagram thabruva
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10 Facts on Valeria Alcantara

  1. Valeria Alcantara is the mother of the famous football player Thiago Alcantara who is recognized for his extremely amazing skills and talent.
  2. She is a native Brazillian however her religion and ethnicity are yet not disclosed.
  3. She seems tall judging from her pictures with a perfect bodyweight however the legit measurements of height and weight are still unknown.
  4. Valeria is herself an athlete and former Volleyball player due to which she easily helped her son face all the hardships and challenges in the field.
  5. She was married to Mazinho, the Brazillian football manager in 1987 and they split in 2005.
  6. With Mazinho she shared two beautiful and amazingly talented children, Thiago Alcantara and Gabriel Alcantara.
  7. There is no information about what she does for a living but she seems to have been leading a prosperous life without any economic hindrances.
  8. Valeria doesn’t seem to like sharing her personal information as of which there is no information about her current relationship status.
  9. She is however sometimes seen active on Instagram where she has shared the pictures of her son and grandson.
  10. Valeria has proved to be an amazingly supportive mother and she is proud of her children’s upbringing.


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