Vine: Tasia Alexis Hussey Arrested, Why Did Tasia Go To Prison?

The Vine Star, Tasia Alexis Hussey has opened up recently about how she was arrested. Here’s the complete follow-up of the prison life of the social media influencer. 

Social media platforms have been changing normal people into celebrities overnight in the last decade or so. A minute you are just a regular person recording videos and the next minute, you are an influencer with thousands of followers. 

Among such social media sensations, Tasia Alexis Hussey is one. She rose through the short video networking app called Vine. 

Why Did Tasia Go To Prison?

In early 2019, Tasia was inactive on social media that drove fans into thinking. But she has recently opened up about the actual reason for her disappearance from social media. 

Tasia went to prison on drug charges. She was arrested for forgery and possession of methamphetamine. The social media star shared her mugshot photo as well. 

How did Tasia become famous?

Tasia Alexis rose to fame through a social networking site called Vine. She had more than 3.5 million followers on the platform before it got terminated in 2016. She used to upload short videos that lasted a maximum of 6 seconds. 

Is Tasia still on Vine?

The 22-year-old influencer is not on Vine anymore. It is because the app itself is not in use. 

Initially released by Twitter, the company closed Vine in 2016. Hence, the application is not available at the moment. 

However, Tasia Alexis Hussey has attracted her Vine followers to Instagram. She has more than 450k followers on her Instagram account. Similarly, you can also find her on TikTok where she has amassed more than a million followers already. 

Even though the influencer has a vicious past, she has been able to talk about it finally. Tasia has kept that part of life behind her and is looking forward to opportunities. She currently resides in Atlanta with her son, Greenly Harlow. 


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