Wanted: Lexington KY Juvenile Luke Craig Escaped – Here’s What We Know

Who is Luke Craig? He is 16 years old aged KY Juvenile on loose.

It is a real-life Prison Break situation. A juvenile named Luke Craig at the detention centre of Kentucky (KY) has escaped from the facility. 

Moreover, the police are even warning that he is a public threat. 

Who Is Luke Craig? Lexington KY Juvenile Escapee 

Luke Craig is the Lexington KY Juvenile escapee.

The teenager ran away from the detention centre of Lexington on Sunday. Apparently, he broke the centre around 3:45 p.m. in the afternoon on July 18, 2021.

Craig is a juvenile serving at Fayette Regional Juvenile Detention Center’s facilities. Not, the Kentucky Police department is continuously searching for him.

Shortly after his escape, the KY police released an official notice on Luke. They also posted a photo of the escapee on their official Twitter account.

The Ky DJJ has already informed the state police to carry a further investigation.  However, Luke Craig has neither been found nor arrested to date. 

Luke Craig Wiki – Was He Arrested on Murder Case? 

Luke Craig doesn’t have a Wiki bio.

There is no precise information on Craig’s actual charges. But, people have come up with their own theories.

Some allege that Luke Craig was arrested on Murder charges.

However, it is just a theory and remains unconfirmed. Nonetheless, the police did mention that he is allegedly “considered dangerous and a threat to public safety.”.

In fact, they have requested the public not to make any sort of contact with him. 

Luke Craig Age: Description for his Identification 

Luke Craig is young 16 years old aged boy.

He stands 5 feet and 5 inches tall in height and weighs around 58 Kg. Similarly, he was wearing a green jumpsuit with black sneakers prior to running away. 

Luke Craig’s parents and family have not spoken about the situation yet. They are preferring privacy in this matter. 

In fact, Luke Craig became a hot topic in Reddit discussions after his privacy reveals and escape. Besides, some people were not happy as the KY police did not keep the juvenile’s photo and name confidential.

The situation also led to a conversation on young inmates. Twitter users were openly commenting on KY Police’s Twitter post. A user @ComleyTammy was demanding hospital care instead of a detention center for Craig.

If you have any information on the matter, please contact the KY police department. You can also dial 1-800-222-5555 or 911. 


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