Wardell is a content creator who has earned his name as a Twitch online gamer and has his fans all over the world. Twitch has been an awesome platform for people who wants to share online video content on various topics. The star is available on Instagram with account tws_wardell and has earned 11.1K total followers.

Quick Facts: Wardell

Name Wardell
Gender Male
Profession web star
Instagram tsm_wardell
Tiktok wardell

Wardell seems to have fans in his twice on his twitch account and as of July 16, he has 190K followers. The gamer seems to be proficient in triple-a titles games like Valorant, CS go and he also seems to be a decent dancer. We don’t even have the information regarding the age of the Wardell but his age seems to be of the early twenties.


10 Facts on Wardell

  1. Wardell is a first-person shooter online streamer who has earned a huge fan following making gaming content online.
  2. The online gamer Wardell is also available on the youtube with the same name and has currently 45.3K total subscribers.
  3. To be in touch with his fans he is available and active in most of the social media sites and is very active there.
  4. It is found out that Wardell’s original name is matt but his real full name is currently not disclosed.
  5. The online star is also active on TikTok and he mostly posts about the epic kills in his TikTok account.
  6. The star’s TikTok account is also popular in the gaming section and has accumulated 19.3K total fan following which is incredible.
  7. The Valorant gamer is highly skilled in first-person shooter games and is a top-ranked gamer and has revealed his face.
  8. Although the streamer is highly ranked and famous on the internet and still his Wikipedia page is unavailable and his ethnicity and nationality are unknown.
  9. The content creator has invested a huge amount in front of the camera and he is actively pushing content since he created the channel 9 months ago.
  10. The gamer seems to be a shy person as he has not been open to the public audience regarding his girlfriend, net worth, and his love life.


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